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Social Distancing: What to do Dreamwalkers? 

Hi Dreamwalkers out there,

Social distancing creates problems for bands. For working musicians, it's a disaster. I have a friend who already lost 26 gigs. No member of Dreamwalkers quit their day job, however, we all have seen a bite taken out of our work from the effects of the stay at home orders or suggestions or whatever they actually are. So what are we to do. We started putting together maps of our songs. You would think this would be the first thing, but it's easier said than done. Songs grow and change just like people. Still, we want to be on the same page and then make changes. So maps are emerging. Kudos to Daniel Polyak for being the incredible drummer he is and feeling our songs. Daniel told me the drums find him rather than the other way around. Perfect for Dreamwalkers..

I put up another Debbie and Doc video on the video page. The song is Dancing With The Man In The Moon, written by Debbie. It's a ton of fun at a time that isn't so easy. Enjoy.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Play At Home 

Hi Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

Social distancing is the order of the day. . . week. . . month. . . ? Who knows. Going without some live music is painful. So Debbie Stern and I decided to make videos to share and we will be doing so over the next few days? weeks? months? We will see. We are all feeling great, although a little cabin fever is starting to appear. So we will do what we can to put a little good feeling in your day. Here's the first video, it's one of my original songs, "Dreamer's Story," and while we miss the rest of the band, it's still fun. It will premier Monday, March 30 (today) at 7 AM. We hope you enjoy it. If there are songs you'd like us to do, please let me know and we'll do our best to figure it out. The song is in our video section, but I'm putting the link here as well.

Be cool. Stay healthy. Peace,

Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers: We’ve been busy 

We are still limited to gatherings of less than 10 people. So it’s good that our band only has five people in it. Debbie Stern and I made several videos which you can look at in the video section of the website. We had a terrific rehearsal on Monday evening. Each time we play together we get more comfortable with each other and the ideas start to flow. Of course we don’t know when the next rehearsal might be. There are rumors Florida’s about to be locked down anytime now. Well we like to be socially responsible, but we want to be musically adventurous as well. We just had a blast rehearsing with each other. I just enjoy these people so much both musically and personally. The band has an organic sound that’s coming out of I don’t know where, but it’s a sound all our own. The blend of original music from Debbi and I as well as the covers were choosing are just wonderful. So while everyone is on hiatus and all gigs are canceled we are catching up and looking forward to when we will be playing out. 

Peace, Dr Dreamwalker 

Songs for tonight: the word, don’t give me a second thought, the redemption, Louisiana, Tuesday afternoon, how I love to love you, something about that boy, only love is real, West LA fadeaway.

Social Distancing 

Even the Beatles are Social Distancing. 

Looks like Florida is about to quarantine. Let’s all stay connected, be creative, and use our time well. 


Dreamwalkers Band


Lets Write A Song Together 

Last week I posted a story, titled "Sing Until You Are No Longer Afraid." Several people suggested I write the song. Well, I started, but it occurred to me I'd like to share the experience with all you Dreamwalkers sitting home during this crazy time. Lets write the song together. I'll start:  

Here is a possible chorus 

I remember what my father said  

When facing pain, feeling dread  

No matter how sharp you feel the blade  

Sing till you are no longer afraid 

Lets all get creative. I'm open to all ideas. There is no quarantine on creativity or music. When we get something cool I'll record and post it. Who knows, maybe the band will play it. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers First Set 

Well, we are five people and we are all healthy and under 70, so it was okay for Dreamwalkers to rehearse tonight. Music is our balm at a time of great uncertainty. As much fun as we usually have when we get together, tonight felt even better. We decided to go through the first set, no stops as if we were playing out, to find out where the ragged edges were. We found some significant flaws, but all fixable, and there was so much good. Harmonies are tightening up. Tony Sheppard sang better than ever. Drummer Daniel Polyak presented his new Dreamwalkers bass drumhead. What a blast. Great people. Great music. The pandemic may delay our emergence a bit, but we will be ready.


Dr Dreamwalker

Songs: Everything Is Changing, Dancing With The Man In The Moon, Love Is A Rose, Crazy Movie, End of the Line, Call Me Love, Diamond Filled Bouquet, Good To See You Gone, You May Be The One, GetTogether


The Dreamwalkers COVID19 Album 

This is an odd time. The prospect of doom hangs in the air, but it's more of a phantom, a ghost, without substance or form. Few people actually know anyone infected with COVID19, and fewer still know anyone who died from it. Still, most outside life has shut down from fear. Concerts and sporting events are gone from the landscape as large gatherings are forbidden. What to do? We have music. Dreamwalkers Band started putting together our next album, which has the working title (don't worry, it won't stay) The COVID19 Album. The experience with the first Dreamwalkers album is making this process simpler. We will see if it's easier.

This weekend, Debbie Stern and I made ghost tracks for 10 (that's right 10) of her wonderful songs and I prepared five of mine, with another five to go. Ghost tracks give the band a bare bones structure of the song. Debbie recorded piano and vocals of her songs at a certain tempo, with clear arrangement of verse, chorus, and bridge. The rhythm section of Daniel Polyak on drums, and Dave Ross on bass will lay down the foundation for each song, and then other instruments such as guitars, strings, synthesizers, etc...are added. The approach is layered, and the song gets built, a piece at a time. After everything is in place, the vocals can be re-recorded with a complete arrangement.

Debbie is such a wonderful singer, and I know people will love her songs. I managed to use a little computer magic to make the process more efficient. I love putting together my own songs, and there sure are plenty to chose from. There are a few we didn't put on the first album that I wanted to record, and it's very gratifying to have the chance to do so again.

This time can be thought of as a reset. We continue to rehearse. We are healthy. When the doors open, we will be ready to play.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Update: Johnny Cash Meets the X-Files; Surf Music Meets Ghost Riders in the Sky 

I know it's been awhile since I've written, but Dreamwalkers have been moving forward. Tonight we finished getting bass player, Dave Ross, up to speed on all our material. I'm experiencing our band coming together as a unit, as we rehearse. As a bonus, Dave brought in a song he wanted to do, a cover of, West LA Fadeaway by the Grateful Dead, and we had a lot of fun playing it tonight. Great to hear Dave singing. Our band is well balanced. Debbie writes endearing songs about love and loss and I write apocalyptic anthems (insert laughing emoji here). Tonight, we worked on a Tony Sheppard composition called "Road Song." It's a blend of Surf Music and an updated Ghost Riders in the Sky. I love it. We played my song, "The Outsider," with prophetic lyrics ("stockpiled bombs, toxic waste, the next unknown disease."). This one is kind of a post apocalyptic western, sort of Johnny Cash meets the X-Files. Debbie's songs are very reminiscent of The Beatles. Daniel Polyak on Drums provides the glue that keeps our band from spinning out into orbit. I'm consistently amazed with his ability to "get" the feeling of our original songs. Of course he is a Master at all the covers. We have a lot of talented musicians in our group, but they are even better people.Time to knock off any rough edges and find a place to play. You'll have to come and see us. We are looking forward to it, and it will be great fun.


Dr Dreamwalker

Tonight's Songs: Can't Find My Way Home, West LA Fadeaway, The Outsider, I Think I Think Too Much, Tricks on Me, Call Me Love, Road Song.

More Singing More Fun 

Dreamwalkers Band had a vocal rehearsal Tuesday night and it was a blast. Debbie Stern, Dave Ross and I met to select and practice harmonies for our first group of songs. If you've never done something like this, it's an amazing experience. When it works, three part harmony feels like hitting a baseball right on the sweet spot of the bat. When it doesn't? Well, not quite as good. Debbie is a genius at making the map, Dave is very brave, diving in at the deep end and having a great attitude and good humor about the process. I'm getting better and better at singing harmony and just singing in general. It sure helps to have such supportive people around me and a great teacher. 

We worked on the cover songs, Love Is a Rose, Get Together, End of the Line, and the Word, Debbie's songs Dancing With the Man In The Moon and Don't Give Me A Second Thought, and my Everything Is Changing. We were really blending well at the end. Next, bring the whole band in and see if our hard work pans out. Can't wait. A few more weeks and we will be ready to play out.


Dr Dreamwalker

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