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Dreamwalkers: Album Report 

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

The band is making steady progress towards our goals of completing our album and beginning to play out. No doubt we are ready to play out. The songs are practiced enough so we can concentrate on dynamics and subtleties. We are looking for a venue.

The album is going well. Today, I worked on acoustic guitar with Patrick Russini leading the recording . I have such a great time working with Pat. I think I play better when he's at the controls than I have ever played in my life. Pat's attention to detail, understanding of the programs and equipment and sensitive ear make him a winner. 

We lay down acoustic guitar tracks for Tony's "Road Song,"  and Debbie's "How I Love To Love You Lord," "Good To See You, Gone," and "I Think I Think Too Much." As we worked on these songs, I marveled at how good they are. Daniel (The Heartbeat) Polyak and Dave (Old Yeller) Ross have left quite a foundation, and I am adding to it. The guitars are crystalline sounding, but also sweet. I even got to use a nylon guitar on one of the songs.

We have now completed acoustic tracks on 13 songs. Four to go. It's likely we will finish by next week and Dthen, ebbi can start doing the Keyboards

Dreamwalkers: Music Is The Ride Album Update 

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

Thought I'd give an update on the album. Right now the working title is "Music Is The Ride." Patrick Russini and I have been working on acoustic guitars and we are now halfway through the songs. I've got to tell you the sound is crystalline. Pat is doing amazing things with the recording process and I'm learning just by watching him work. 

Last week we worked on three Debbie Stern songs: Don't Give Me A Second Thought (Let Me Be Your First); Call Me Love; and Louisiana Playing On My Mind. It was such a joy to play on them as the songs are incredibly beautiful and soulful. Don't Give Me A Second Thought is a Beatlesque song, fun to play, fun to sing.. Call Me Love and Louisiana also have Beatle influences, are more tender, exploring the nature of love and relationships. 

We wound up using several different acoustic guitars (from my herd) to get different feels on the songs. It's kind of interesting how my ear seems to synching with Pat's in the choice of guitar sounds. Rosewood guitars have more high and low end, leaving the middle for the vocal. If we want a brighter sound we use a mahogany or maple guitar. Lighter wood color has a higher frequency response, darker wood, a lower one. 

I believe we did the songs justice and things are moving along, one step at a time.


Dr Dreamalker

Dreamwalkers: More Guitars 

Hello Dreamwalkers,

I am continuing down the road of recording acoustic guitars for our album with Patrick Russini producing and recording the sound. I am continually amazed at the sensitivity of his ear and how in working with him, my ear is developing as well. On Tuesday, we recorded guitars for my song, "Suggestion By Echo." I am becoming aware of how important the recording engineer who does the actual recording and then mixes the tracks is to the process. Working on our first album, last year, I thought I had an appreciation of this, but it has increased by an order of magnitude now. Patrick makes sure the guitars are interwoven with drums and bass, as if they were another part of the rhythm section of the song. We made numerous passes to the song, and when the sound was right, Pat began working on making sure the guitars were in synch. It was fascinating to watch him work and then hear the beautiful results. The process is measured and painstaking creative crafting, but absolutely worth the time and energy. A sound is beginning to emerge, a Dreamwalkers signature sound. Amazing.

September 24, 2020 

Patrick and I met for another session of acoustic guitar recording. I'm getting a big window into how Pat works, and It's just this side of magic. We worked on two more of my songs, "The Outsider" and "Silence Between The Worlds." The Outsider is a personal favorite of mine, sort of Johnny Cash meets the X-Files. WE chose the Guild D-55 for that deep rosewood sound, and added the custom McKee guitar for a more trebly sound. Together they sounded fantastic. As we made each pass, I got more insight as to how the songs should be played. It's amazing how a song I've played many times can evolve under the pressure of the recording studio. Pat made the sound crystalline, yet somehow still warm and inviting. Next, we worked on Silence Between The Worlds. This is a psychospiritual song, which I initially felt should be very soft. However, while making the ghost track, it sounded slow and to be honest, boring. The b gave it a bit more energy and the song came alive, as if we had injected some blood into it's veins. We used the Guild D-55 again, but supplemented the chorus with a Taylor 12 string. The power of an increased sound in the chorus was impressive, and the 12 string was different enough from the Guild to make the combination very full and emotionally evocative. It's a long process and we are taking time to do it well. The results so far are just wonderful. More acoustics next week. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Album 2.0: Acoustic Tracks  

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

With the bass and drum tracks completed, it was time to move to the acoustic guitars. From a certain point of view, the acoustics can be seen as supporting the rhythm section and broadening the sound. So, Patrick Russini and I transformed my living room into a living breathing sound studio (full disclosure, it was pretty close to it before we began).

We rearranged furniture to make space and Pat went around the room testing the sound. The configuration of the room is excellent for sound. Then Pat set up his equipment and microphones. We dialed in some of my favorite guitars. It was really cool to see most of my guitar herd out at once. We settled on the Guild D55 and Taylor 355 12 string, and later added the McKee custom. Kind of paradise for guitar geeks. 

Once we got everything set up and dialed in, recording began. We recorded two different guitars on two of my original songs, "Everything Is Changing" and "Magnetic North." Pat has an incredible ear and was able to guide me to create the next piece of the foundation for our album. Playing the tracks back sounded great, and I'm looking forward to moving through all of the songs in the album over the next few weeks.


Dr Dreamwalker


Dreamwalkers: Recording Bass Tracks 

Hello Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

Friday evening.  . . 

Dave Ross gave us quite a boost with a fantastic session of bass guitar playing. Although this was his first recording session, he played like he had been doing it for years. He and Pat Russini had the bass dialed in before I arrived with the pizza and already had two songs completed. Debbie Stern and I listened carefully and were able to make suggestions, but the sound was locked in great, so we didn't have a lot to do. Dave's playing was solid and creative. It was the best I've ever heard him play. The man was productive and graceful while under pressure. We completed:

Everything Is Changing 


Suggestion By Echo 

Good To See You Gone 

Something ‘Bout That Boy

The weekend awaits. . . more to say then,


Sunday evening

Another Home Run for Bass Guitar player, Dave Ross. Dave's playing style is solid and powerful. He, along with Drummer, Daniel (The Heartbeat) Polyak provide the foundation of our sound. Dave moved from the sweetness and fun of Debbie Stern's songs, "Call Me Love" and "Don't Give Me A Second Thought (Let Me Be Your First),"  to the surf rock sound of Tony Sheppard's "Road Song." Once those were done, he took on my apocalyptic anthems "The Outsider" and "Magnetic North." Dave changed gears like a finely tuned Mercedes Benz, and smoothly took on each song.  

At one point, Debbie Stern and Patrick Russini both heard something odd with the Fender Jazz Bass Dave was playing. Tony to the rescue. He redid the intonation on the spot and revived the sound. When we were looking for a grittier sound, Dave began using a pick for Tony's song and The Outsider, and it really sounded great.  

We should have the rhythm section done sometime next week and then it's on to the acoustic and electric guitars. Keyboards and Vocals after that. Then we mix and master. I sure we are all pretty tired, but it's an exciting labor of love, and we love it. 


Call Me Love; Don’t Give Me A Second Thought; The Outsider; Magnetic North; Road Song 


Dr Dreamwalker


Wednesday, September 16, 2020 

Dave Ross and Pat Russini came through for us again. Pushing limits due to the fact that Dave was about to go on vacation, they stayed up late and powered through the last five songs. The tracks sound great. Acoustic guitars are next.  


Dr Dreamwalker 

The final five songs: Music Is The Ride, How I Love to Love You, The Silence Between the Worlds, I Think I Think Too Much, Tricks On Me.

Sunday evening. . . 

Dreamwalkers: Performance Rehearsal 

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

Saturday, the band was offered at gig to play at a party, but sadly, we were rained out, so Dreamwalkers 2.0's first performance had to wait. So when rehearsal came up on Monday, we decided to go through the sets as if we were playing out, and it was a lot of fun, very energy intensive.

I am happy to share the singing duties with Debbie Stern. I love her original sons, and she can really sing. Also, Dave Ross is stretching his vocal chords, singing lead on West LA Fadeaway, and the chorus on Comfortably Numb. We expect Dave will lend his voice to harmony in the future. 

We are attempting to get the best balance between original and cover songs. As we prepared to play out, I realized we needed a few more covers and we are expanding our repertoire. We moved through our two one hour sets rather well. There are just a few rough edges, but every time we rehearse they are less and less noticeable.

We are actively looking for a place to play and the band is sounding wonderful. See you soon.


Dr Dreamwalker

Set 1: The Word; Man With The Guru Gaze; Don't Talk Behind My Back, End of the Line; Dancing With the Man in the Moon; Road Song; Saving Grace; Good To See You Gone, Diamond Filled Bouquet; Get Together; Everything Is Changing

Set 2: Tuesday Afternoon; Don't Give Me A Second Thought; The Redemption; Can't Find My Way Home; Something 'Bout That Boy; You May Be The One; West LA Fadeaway; Suggestion By Echo; I Think I Think Too Much; Comfortably Numb

Dreamwalkers: Cohesive Brilliance 

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there in the nano universe,

After tonight's rehearsal I am more optimistic about this band than ever. We are ready to play out, and each rehearsal finds us getting closer as a group, and finding our connections to each other stronger and more cohesive. This is allowing the individual members to shine in the context of the group energy.

Tony Sheppard was so brilliant tonight, I was in awe watching his talent be revealed to us. Wait until you hear him. I'm watching his inner David Gilmour emerge on songs like Comfortably Numb and Can't Find My Way Home. Debbie Stern's songs are such a beautiful counterpoint to my own. We played  "Dancin'g With The Man In The Moon" "Don't Talk Behind My Back"and "Lucky Me" (which is how I feel being in this band). Her songs are filled with energy, joy and love of the very vibrations she created. Dave Ross is emerging as a singer, taking the lead on "What's So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding, as well as Comfortably Numb. Daniel Polyak, as always The Heartbeat, is my brother and co-conspirator in keeping the energy moving and people laughing. I love his drumming. I feel so supported by the band. My song, "Man With The Guru Gaze" sounded just great. 

I love this band. We will be playing out soon and are looking forward to it.


Dr Dreamwalker

Songs: Tuesday Afternoon, Dancing With The Man In The Moon, Man With The Guru Gaze, Saving Grace, Comfortably Numb, Lucky Me, What's So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding, Can't Find My Way Home, Don't Talk Behind My Back.

Dreamwalkers: This Is Great Fun 

Greetings to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

As the recording process gets ready to finish the rhythm section with Dave Ross on bass guitar, we are back to rehearsing, getting ready to play out. Tonight's rehearsal was such great fun. Miles Davis was purported to have said, "Music is the most fun you can have with your clothes on." Well, if he didn't say it, I would. The music was clicking and I just love playing with my bandmates, Debbie Stern, Tony Sheppard, Dave Ross, and Daniel (The Heartbeat) Polyak. 

We played mostly original tunes that will be on the album to stay sharp for it. We will be playing these when we play out anyway, so it was hitting two birds so to speak with one stone. Debbie's songs soar, and Tony's guitar playing was super. He was channeling his inner Jimmy Page on "Music Is The Ride" and "Magnetic North." Daniel is irrepressible, his great sense of humor and a gleam in his eye always ready to pop out. Dave Ross had some fun singing harmony, and I'm just hanging out in these incredible vibrations, making sure to stay on the beat and to remember what I've learned about singing. We ended the evening with a cover of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb. This one is going to be fantastic. Tony was amazing as he played the Gilmour lead. Debbie, Dave, and I sang together with great gusto.

I can't wait until we play out. I've always felt that  for me, one gig was worth many rehearsals. I think we are going to spin heads when we play.

Songs: The Outsider, Good To See You Gone, Magnetic North, Something 'Bout That Boy, Music Is The Ride, How I Love To Love You, Road Song, Two Insomnias, Comfortably Numb.

Dreamwalkers: Phase One, Drum Tracks Completed 

Hello to Dreamwalkers friends,

Tuesday evening was a big one for our Dreamwalkers Band. Our incredible drummer, Daniel Polyak (The Heartbeat) finished the heavy lifting required to put together the structure of our "Music Is The Ride" album. Daniel is far more than a drummer, he is an artist who plays from a deep well of emotion and experience. The team established with Daniel and Sound Engineer Patrick Russini shone through again as we worked on Debbie Stern's song "Something About That Boy," and my original song, "Silence Between The Worlds." 

The next step in the creative process is for Patrick to go through all the tracks to ensure the timing is on the dot and we can build off that structure. Once that has been prepared, it will be up to Dave Ross on bass guitar to finish the rhythm section of the album. I am very grateful to Daniel and Patrick for their efforts and am looking forward to the next phase. I feel like we have some fabulous material and now the sound will match the quality of the songs. 

You can see in the photographs how intense these sessions can get. We are passionate, creative souls working together to make music to touch people's hearts. 


Dr Dreamwalker


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