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Dreamwalkers Band Album Release Party at Salty Jim's  

Dreamwalkers Band had our album release party at Salty Jim's Island Bar & Grill on Friday evening and it was a blast. One thing about our band. . . we get better every time we play. People responded with passion both to our original songs and covers of songs we love.

A personal highlight for me was hearing Debbie sing. The experience of standing next to a singer who truly "gets it" is exhilarating. I could feel her joy in the vibrations of her original material and making a cover song her own. I love singing harmony with her. It's such a privilege. She always knocks out "Wild Horses" and I felt the crowd merging with that song. 

Dave Ross has truly grown into an integral part of the band. He has great fun singing leads and his bass guitar has become an anchor for the band to rely on. He will be leaving us for the summer and we don't know what the future will hold but I truly appreciate his wonderful contributions to our sound.

David Dolnick has become so comfortable with our songs that he's letting himself go and revealing more and more of what an exceptional drummer he is. He's also taking on some of the singing, which is such a blessing for us.

What can I say about my friend, L'Angelo Mysteriouso, Tony Sheppard? He is truly a virtuoso. Absolutely brilliant. What a gift to us.

Then there is me. With every time we play out I'm understanding my role better. I am here to be sure everyone shines and the music sounds great. It doesn't hurt that having these amazing players play on my songs so the songs shine far brighter than I could have ever made them by myself.

I am so proud to play with this group of brilliant musicians. Bravo Dreamwalkers Band.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Band: Another Thought From Yesterday's Gig  

Hey Dreamwalkers,

Watching people respond to us yesterday at Hurricane Mike's, it occurs to me that what we really need to do is play out. We get better every time.

The last one means "Way to F*cking Go!. Thank you Marty, Local 7433, and Hurricane Mike's. 

The good news is people really enjoy us. The not so good news is we are having to move the album release party due to a work conflict from one of the band members. We will get it set up ASAP. Time to move forward. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Band: Benefit Toys For Tots at Hurricane Mike’s   

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there.

The band had a great time playing for the Toys For Tots benefit at Hurricane Mike’s in Sarasota on Saturday. The crowd was lively and energized and we played some of our favorite songs in two one hour sets.

The crowd seems to respond both to our original songs and the cover songs that we love. I had a blast playing our Tom Petty medley, especially the duo with Debbie Stern when we played “Stop Dragging My Heart Around.“ Debbie‘s version of “Wild Horses,“ was just superb. People seemed to really respond to my original song, “Diamond Filled Bouquet,“ maybe because a lot of people have ADD. Debbie’s “Good to See You, Gone,” is always a crowdpleaser because so many people who have been divorced can relate.

Tony Sheppard played some spectacular lead guitar on “Comfortably Numb” and "The Redemption." The rhythm section of David Dolnick on drums and Dave Ross on bass guitar gave us a solid foundation all afternoon. They also provided great singing both lead and adding harmonies.

We thank Local 7433 for putting the Toys for Tots gig together and Hurricane Mike's for providing the venue.


Dr Dreamwalker 

Dreamwalkers Band: Toys For Tots Benefit  

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers Band friends,

Dreamwalkers Band will be playing at Hurricane Mike's on Saturday from 2.30 to 5 PM, in a benefit for Toys For Tots. The band is very excited to be getting out and playing and we hope our friends will come out and support the cause and at the same time see our band. This is our first Sarasota gig in a while and we plan on having a lot of fun with our music.


Dr Dreamwalker


Dreamwalkers Band: New Gigs  

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there (and don't we all walk through each others dreams),

The band is ready to play out. We have two new gigs scheduled.

We will be playing a benefit show for "Toys For Tots" on May 7, 2:30-5:30. It will take place at Hurricane Mike's 2639 Mall Dr, Sarasota, FL 34231. 

The second show will be our long awaited Music Is The Ride album release party. It will take place Sunday, June 19 4-8 PM at Salty Jim's Island Bar & Grill 3655 Webber St, Sarasota, FL 34232.

We are excited to be playing out. We've worked on some new tunes and the band is firing on all cylinders. Come join us.


Dr. Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Band: New Material, Moving Forward  

Greetings to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

In order to keep things fresh and moving forward, we like to introduce new material. Last night in our rehearsal we worked on a number of new things, and the response was exhilarating. 

We put together a really powerful medley of Tom Petty tunes. Imagine my joy at being able to sing some of my favorite songs with this great band backing me up. Dave Dolnick brought in a song by William DeVaughn "Be Thankful For What You Got," and the band ate it up like it was candy. What a great vibe. We worked on two songs for Debbie, her brilliant original tune, "Only You," and the Carole King classic, "I Feel The Earth Move." Finally we worked on a tune Tony Sheppard and I wrote called, "Time To Let Your Sun Shine."

It's a thrill to play with such great people.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Band: Vocals from Master Teacher Debbie Stern  

Greetings to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

Today is my birthday and on this day, I feel so much gratitude for all the treasures I have in my life. One of those treasures is this wonderful Dreamwalkers Band and our vocal director, Debbie Stern. As some of you know, Debbie has vast experience in teaching singing and being a singer in many different venues. She was a backup singer for Loretta Lynn for two years, but now she is in the spotlight with us.

We are working very hard to make the vocals for Dreamwalkers Band the best and we have some great voices. Debbie is just the best, but to have a drummer and bass player who can sing is quite a blessing. Makes it possible to have three part harmony. I don't know if you've ever experienced three part harmony, but when it's right and you are in the middle of it, it's almost like a physical healing, a beautiful event.

So, we met to perfect our harmonies and it's quite a challenge. There is a tendency to want to sing the other person's part, so you have to learn your own part as if it was the melody. Then you have to blend with the lead, sort of become that person, sing like them but in a different note. You can't overpower the lead. It's quite a challenge but we all were working really hard at it, and I certain it will bear fruit.

Debbie has taught me so much about singing. I didn't know what I didn't know. If you are interested in learning how to sing, she is a great teacher. If you would like to take lessons, let us know through the contact page and I will facilitate it. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers: Myakka Moonlighters. . . What A Great Evening  

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

The band finally played out and once again, Myakka Moonlighters was very kind to us. Playing as the Sun set and an amazing full Moon came up was very inspiring. The band had a wonderful time.

The highlight of the show, for me, was after we played Diamond Filled Bouquet, a song about my own issues with Attention Deficit (Different?) a woman came up to us and told us how much hearing the song meant to her. Her grandson struggles with the same issue and she said the song really helped her and she thanked us.

It's always fun singing with Debbie Stern. Her originals, Good To See You, Gone, Don't Give Me A Second Thought, Tricks On Me, I Think I Think Too Much, Dancing With The Man In The Moon, How I Love To Love You Lord, and Don't Talk Behind My Back were incredible and her version of Wild Horses was just off the chain great. I had great fun singing Stop Dragging My Heart Around in a duet with her. 

Dave Ross did a great job singing Deep Elem Blues and making it special for the Myakka audience. He also sang Space Oddity and did a wonderful job with Shape I'm In.

Tony Sheppard was his usual stellar self on lead guitar. I especially liked what he did with his lead on Music Is The Ride. 

David Dolnick on drums was just the best. He was in the pocket all night and became the glue that kept us together. He also sang on Wicked Game and I Know You Rider.

I just had the most fun I've ever had playing music. The band keeps moving forward. We are blessed to have Patrick Russini running sound for us and Jesse Lipman being more than just an ordinary roadie. Thanks so much for Patrick and Jesse.

What's next? We plan on playing out again soon and there's even talk (gasp!) of a third album. Will keep you posted and can't wait to play again. So much fun!


Dr Dreamwalker


Dreamwalkers: Join Together With The Band  

Hey Dreamwalkers,

In a time of great instability and uncertainty what can we count on? Music. Personally, I find the vibrations of music to be a great healer. Music never lets me down. When the band plays and I'm in the middle of the sound it's really incredible.

So, I want to share the sounds with you. Come on out to Myakka Moonlighters on Satuday, March 19 6-9 PM and hear our wonderful band. We've just finished our second album, "Music Is The Ride," and we will be playing many of those new songs for you. 

31755 SR 70 E., Myakka City, FL 34251-4303


Dr Dreamwalker

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