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Dreamwalkers: Playing Out Twice In a Week 

Hello Dreamwalkers,

Our band played for the second time in one week. and the improvement was noteworthy. This time, no rain, the sound (thank you Patrick Russini) was crystalline, and while there are a few things to work on, the performance went well, and we were invited to come back and play again.

I've got to admit, I had a wonderful time playing and I feel like I learned a lot about working together in a band. I find playing out worth many practices. Once again, our original songs were well received as were the covers.

Highlights of the night for me were: Wild Horses, with Debbie singing a great lead, Tony's guitar on Comfortably Numb, Dave's voice on Should I Stay or Shoutd I Go. Daniel was superb on the drums all night. I loved playing my song, "Music Is The Ride."

There was a great vibe in the place (it was a private party in Sarasota) and the band both added to it, and picked up on it. We have another private party to play for on December 12, and are looking for venues to play out. 

Hope to see you out there.


Dr Dreamwalker

Songs: The Word (Beatles), End of the Line (Traveling Wilbury's) Man With the Guru Gaze (Rich), Tricks on Me (Debbie), Dancing With The Man In The Moon (Debbie), Can't Find My Way Home (Blind Faith), Road Song (Tony), Angel From Montgomery (John Prime), Good To See You Gone (Debbie), Magnetic North (Rich), Saving Grace (Tom Petty), Everything Is Changing (Rich), Get Together (Youngbloods).

Tuesday Afternoon (Moody Blues), Don't Give Me A Second Thought (Let Me Be Your First) (Debbie), The Redemption (Rich), Something About That Boy (Debbie), Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd), Two Insomnias (Rich), How I Love To Love You Lord (Debbie), West LA Fadeaway (Grateful Dead), You May Be The One (Rich & Tony), Suggestion By Echo (Rich), I Think I Think Too Much (Debbie), Music Is The Ride (Rich), Should I Stay or Should I Go (The Clash).

Patrick and Jesse setting up

Love that white guitar. . . with the Evertune bridge. . . always in tune.

Patrick making sure we stay dialed in.

Happy Thanksgiving 2020 from Dreamwalkers Band 

Happy Thanksgiving from Dreamwalkers Band. Hope you have a flaming great Thanksgiving 2020. Remember, the attitude of gratitude wins the day.


Tony (Mysterious Angel), Debbie (Queen of Harmony), Dave (Ole Yeller), Daniel (The Heartbeat), Patrick (King of Sound), Jesse (New Music), and Dr Dreamwalker.

Myakka Moonlighters: A Rock and Roll Story 

Hello Dreamwalkers,

The day started sunny. I welcomed Jesse Lipman into our Dreamwalkers family as our roadie and guitar tech. He also plays guitar and sings. As Jesse and I were packing the car I noticed clouds coming in. As we drove out to the venue in Myakka City, it began to rain, and rained steadily. For a brief moment the sun came out to reveal a rainbow, which is usually a good sign. When we got to the venue, the rain continued, but I immediately liked the place and we began to set up.

The digital sound system started out balky but clicked in and things moved smoothly until Tony texted us he was in an car accident and although he was fine, his car was totaled. It was 4.30, we were due to start at 6. I went to collect him. He seemed a little rattled, but really wanted to play. By the time I got him back to the venue it was about 5.58, so we got his gear out and set him up. I presumed the rainbow was for his safety. There were a few brave souls who showed up in their trucks with umbrellas, then almost miraculously, it stopped raining.

Over the next three hours the crowd, which seemed to grow by the moment, showered us with love. We were fun, funny, and engaging. The audience was enjoying us and seemed to respond just as well to our original songs as they did to the cover songs. Debbie's songs were amazing. I had fun with my original numbers and especially enjoyed being the MC for the evening. Dave's voice sounded strong. Tony somehow played brilliantly, and Daniel was our "heartbeat and heart throb" throughout the evening. I felt so very connected to him. We had a great response, they said they wanted us back and the people out there were great.

Tony is alive and healthy. The audience loved us. I don't remember ever enjoying myself on the stage as much as I did last night.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Rehearsal Before Gig 

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

Saturday is approaching fast and since none of us have quit our day jobs, tonight was the last rehearsal prior to playing at Myakka Moonlighters on Saturday. The energy was high and the jokes were flying back and forth across the musical bubble. Led by our jokester, Daniel Polyak, we moved through all three sets with a combination of fun and edginess. You could tell this rehearsal was different. We are ready to play. You never know if your roof leaks on a sunny day, so this will be a great test for us. We haven't played out in over a year, so this will be a new experience. 

We have chosen cover songs that often are by famous bands but may not be their most famous songs. There is a barn burner in the middle of the second set but I am sworn to secrecy. Hint. . . Mysterious Angel, Tony Sheppard will knock your socks off on this one. I believe Debbie Stern's original songs match up well to any of the covers, Tony has a beautiful instrumental inspired by Jimi Hendrix and I will reserve judgment on my own, except to say, you will get a look into my psyche and the way I see the world and I've been told it's entertaining at least. Debbie's country pop style merges effortlessly with my rock apocalyptic anthems. I can't really explain how this happens, but I assure you it does. 

Debbie, Dave (Old Yeller) Ross and I combine our efforts to sing harmony and it's working. Tony's guitar is lyrical, powerful, and gorgeous. Daniel Polyak on drums is our heartbeat and he is that in more ways than one. He keeps me smiling throughout. And Me? Dr Dreamwalker? I guess I'm the metaphysical master of ceremonies. The one who brought all this talent together to express some powerful messages of love, connectedness, and confrontation of our wounds.

We are also welcoming Jesse Lipman as our all around assistant, roadie, and support man. Jesse is a wonder and we are lucky he is with us. By the way, he is an excellent musician himself.

We have been preparing for this for a long time and we are excited and happy to begin. I hope all our friends will come out to this sweet venue on a pleasant November evening in Florida to hear our vision. . . it's about the music.


Dr Dreamwalker (Richard Schulman)

Dreamwalkers Playing Out 

It's been a long time. We are very excited to be playing out for the Myakka Moonlighters concert series. Kind of a perfect setting. Our own personal Dreamstock. Take it to the country before playing Broadway. Hey we can dream can't we? I mean that was the original point, to dream out loud and enjoy the experience. We are planning on enjoying an evening of music under the stars. We will be playing our original tunes and cover songs we love. Should be a great adventure and lots of fun. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Organic Bonding 

Hello to all Dreamwalkers out there,

The last two weeks have become transformational in the Dreamwalkers world. There are moments in every group effort where the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts, and if it happens organically, there is magic in the air. As we head towards our first gig, the last two rehearsals with this group had that magic floating around as we played. It was as if we not only knew the songs, but we knew each other. Drummer Daniel (The Heartbeat) Polyak said, "We can be musicians or we can be artists, I chose to be an artist." 

I've felt that once we had a gig to point towards, there would be a sharper focus. I didn't realize how powerful the shift would be. Original songs are being played with greater flow and more emotion. Cover tunes sparkle with depth and creativity. The enthusiasm each band member has for the ongoing evolution of our band, and loyalty and support for each other in the quest for a better sound is impressive. 

Dave Ross' integration into the band is complete and his voice has naturally flowed into our arrangements. He has taken the lead on several songs, Bravo, Dave. He is even acquiring a Dreamwalkers nickname (Old Yeller). Daniel (The Heartbeat) Polyak provides the bedrock of our sound, Tony (Mysterious Angel) Sheppard is opening to new levels of brilliance on guitar and Debbie (The Queen of Harmony) is writing new wonderful songs and puts a professional touch on everything we do, especially the vocals. In the midst of our progress is the album, step by step being recorded right by Patrick Russini. It is my great privilege to be playing with these wonderful artists and terrific people. 

Our first gig is for the Myakka Moonlighters, November 21, 6-9. Details to follow.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers: Music Is The (Long) Ride and First Gig 

Hey Dreamwalkers out there. . . 

The recording process continues We hit an interesting glitch and worked through it. The song that symbolizes my musical journey, Music Is The Ride, and the title of our upcoming album became our problem child. I wrote the song about taking my son to see Bruce Springsteen and what rock and roll means to me. It's a very sentimental, emotional song disguised as a rock and roll song. As we began to record the acoustic guitars a few weeks ago, we found the timing of the scratch track was a problem. So Patrick Russini and I charted a course through the song, and wound up victorious, with a wonderful version of Music Is The Ride, ready for our musical stars, Debbie Stern and Tony Sheppard to put their imprint on. It took hours of painstaking studio magic to get it right, and it was only when I added a 12 string acoustic guitar did the song come alive. 

There are many posters of my rock and roll heroes in my living room, and while working on the song I looked up and saw many who are on the other side, Tom Petty, David Bowie, John Lennon, George Harrison, staring down at me from their photographs and I felt warm and encouraged. That was the moment I knew we would nail it. The song is sweet and powerful. I can't wait for everyone to hear it.

We have a tentative gig on November 21. I will send details when the firm up.


Dr Dreamwalker



Dreamwalkers: Album Report 

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

The band is making steady progress towards our goals of completing our album and beginning to play out. No doubt we are ready to play out. The songs are practiced enough so we can concentrate on dynamics and subtleties. We are looking for a venue.

The album is going well. Today, I worked on acoustic guitar with Patrick Russini leading the recording . I have such a great time working with Pat. I think I play better when he's at the controls than I have ever played in my life. Pat's attention to detail, understanding of the programs and equipment and sensitive ear make him a winner. 

We lay down acoustic guitar tracks for Tony's "Road Song,"  and Debbie's "How I Love To Love You Lord," "Good To See You, Gone," and "I Think I Think Too Much." As we worked on these songs, I marveled at how good they are. Daniel (The Heartbeat) Polyak and Dave (Old Yeller) Ross have left quite a foundation, and I am adding to it. The guitars are crystalline sounding, but also sweet. I even got to use a nylon guitar on one of the songs.

We have now completed acoustic tracks on 13 songs. Four to go. It's likely we will finish by next week and Dthen, ebbi can start doing the Keyboards

Dreamwalkers: Music Is The Ride Album Update 

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

Thought I'd give an update on the album. Right now the working title is "Music Is The Ride." Patrick Russini and I have been working on acoustic guitars and we are now halfway through the songs. I've got to tell you the sound is crystalline. Pat is doing amazing things with the recording process and I'm learning just by watching him work. 

Last week we worked on three Debbie Stern songs: Don't Give Me A Second Thought (Let Me Be Your First); Call Me Love; and Louisiana Playing On My Mind. It was such a joy to play on them as the songs are incredibly beautiful and soulful. Don't Give Me A Second Thought is a Beatlesque song, fun to play, fun to sing.. Call Me Love and Louisiana also have Beatle influences, are more tender, exploring the nature of love and relationships. 

We wound up using several different acoustic guitars (from my herd) to get different feels on the songs. It's kind of interesting how my ear seems to synching with Pat's in the choice of guitar sounds. Rosewood guitars have more high and low end, leaving the middle for the vocal. If we want a brighter sound we use a mahogany or maple guitar. Lighter wood color has a higher frequency response, darker wood, a lower one. 

I believe we did the songs justice and things are moving along, one step at a time.


Dr Dreamalker

Dreamwalkers: More Guitars 

Hello Dreamwalkers,

I am continuing down the road of recording acoustic guitars for our album with Patrick Russini producing and recording the sound. I am continually amazed at the sensitivity of his ear and how in working with him, my ear is developing as well. On Tuesday, we recorded guitars for my song, "Suggestion By Echo." I am becoming aware of how important the recording engineer who does the actual recording and then mixes the tracks is to the process. Working on our first album, last year, I thought I had an appreciation of this, but it has increased by an order of magnitude now. Patrick makes sure the guitars are interwoven with drums and bass, as if they were another part of the rhythm section of the song. We made numerous passes to the song, and when the sound was right, Pat began working on making sure the guitars were in synch. It was fascinating to watch him work and then hear the beautiful results. The process is measured and painstaking creative crafting, but absolutely worth the time and energy. A sound is beginning to emerge, a Dreamwalkers signature sound. Amazing.

September 24, 2020 

Patrick and I met for another session of acoustic guitar recording. I'm getting a big window into how Pat works, and It's just this side of magic. We worked on two more of my songs, "The Outsider" and "Silence Between The Worlds." The Outsider is a personal favorite of mine, sort of Johnny Cash meets the X-Files. WE chose the Guild D-55 for that deep rosewood sound, and added the custom McKee guitar for a more trebly sound. Together they sounded fantastic. As we made each pass, I got more insight as to how the songs should be played. It's amazing how a song I've played many times can evolve under the pressure of the recording studio. Pat made the sound crystalline, yet somehow still warm and inviting. Next, we worked on Silence Between The Worlds. This is a psychospiritual song, which I initially felt should be very soft. However, while making the ghost track, it sounded slow and to be honest, boring. The b gave it a bit more energy and the song came alive, as if we had injected some blood into it's veins. We used the Guild D-55 again, but supplemented the chorus with a Taylor 12 string. The power of an increased sound in the chorus was impressive, and the 12 string was different enough from the Guild to make the combination very full and emotionally evocative. It's a long process and we are taking time to do it well. The results so far are just wonderful. More acoustics next week. 


Dr Dreamwalker

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