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Dreamwalkers Album 2.0: Electric Guitars 

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

We made great progress this weekend in recording electric guitars. It's a very exciting time as the "sound" of our album is emerging. The sound is full and gorgeous. I am most comfortable with acoustic guitars, so I feel I'm getting an intensive experience with the electrics. I have some great guitars that I don't play all that much, so this is a great opportunity to bond with some of them. 

Here is the starting point. Each guitar has it's own personality and quirks, not to mention sound. Patrick Russini is a genius in dialing in the sound and fitting the different sounds together. 

On Saturday we worked on two of my songs, Everything Is Changing and Suggestion By Echo. We used a Fender Stratocaster to start and then used the Rickenbacker 12 string (my sound of the 60s guitar). We also used a Gretsch Tennessee Rose to get that Gretsch growl. Pat and I believe in the value of stacking numerous guitars (a la Tom Petty). 

On Sunday, we were joined by Debbie Stern as we worked on her song, Don't Give Me A Second Thought (Let Me Be Your First) and my own Magnetic North. I added a Heritage 535 (similar to a Gibson ES-335) to the herd of guitars. The day was intense and productive. Debbie had some great ideas as to how the guitars could work together on her song and it's going to sound great. Magnetic North took a lot of time, but we blended the guitars into a sweet sounding rock and roll anthem.

We are moving forward now and hopefully will finish the electric guitars in a few weeks and then we can start on vocals.This project is 'hard fun.' I had a great time and I'm totally spent but happy.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Album 2.0: Keyboards Completed 

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

Thanks to the genius of Patrick Russini and Debbie Stern, we have completed the keyboards section of our new album. It is such a joy to hear the songs filling out. We worked on four of my songs today, Magnetic North, The Outsider, Silence Between the Worlds, and Music Is The Ride.

Once again, I am most amazed at the process by which the songs themselves become almost like living entities and tell you what they want. There is a vibe created between Patrick, Debbie, myself and the song to create a "Dreamwalkers" sound. This has evolved organically, as the original intent was only a starting point. The sound is full and lush. Patrick ensures we include the entire spectrum of sounds and sounds don't step on one another. Debbie's amazing ear ensures the sounds really work together. My intuitive skills seem to be amplified under these circumstances, as I "hear" internally what will help express the soul of the song and it's been uncannily on target. What a thrill to work with these amazing musical geniuses. 

Magnetic North started with a rock piano and Debbie's insights as to how it fit made the song really begin to rock. After she laid down the piano track, I heard an organ. The synthesizer had several to choose from, and we settled on an organ called "Progressive." it reminded me of a 1960s Young Rascals sound and it fit perfectly. We went over the song in great detail to get it right. Both Patrick and Debbie worked on intensively on this song and I could hear the brilliance as we finished up. I am so grateful to them for their efforts.

The next song we tackled was "The Outsider." It's my Johnny Cash meets the X-Files song. This song asked for a longer build. So we did not bring the piano until after the first chorus. Then we found a mystical sounding pad from the synth and everything just fit together. Patrick had the insight to modulate the volume while it was being played and he jumped up and did it in real time with Debbie playing. Such creativity and great fun.I was so happy with what I heard at the end.

Silence Between the Worlds was originally written as a soft mystical song. As the band played it, the song transformed into one of my anthems. We decided to "calm down the song," as Pat put it, by using a concert grand piano sound and then bringing in a small ensemble of strings. The song accessed it's power right before my ears. 

The final song of the day, and the last one needing keyboards was "Music Is The Ride." This is the song the album is based upon. It tells the story of bringing my younger son to his first concert, Bruce Springsteen, when he was 12 and seeing the event through his eyes. I can still see that cherubic face looking up at me and exclaiming, "This is an amusement park where MUSIC IS THE RIDE." The experience reminded me of the magic of rock and roll and the amazing effects my first concerts (The Beatles, Young Rascals, The Who) had on me. The song has some tricky rhythms but Debbie found the groove and put a rock piano and electric organ on it efficiently. It sounds great.

We are now ready to put rhythm electric guitars on the tracks. This project is so enormously creative and satisfying. I can't wait for what comes next. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Album 2.0 Now Moving Ahead With Intensity 

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

Saturday. . . 

We have now had four keyboards sessions and things are moving with intensity and greater speed. Now that the foundation of drums, bass, and rhythm acoustic guitars are in place solidly and sounding great, we can turn to adding the touches to make the songs unique, beautiful, and memorable. Our sound is very complete and gorgeous.

What I'm really loving is the collaborative, creative atmosphere of the recording sessions. Debbie and Patrick have amazing ears, and I'm finding I can be very intuitive listening to what the songs are asking for. The songs tell us what they want and initial ideas I have for a soundscape evolve. Each song is takes on a distinct character and sound within a framerwork of an overall Dreamwalkers sound.

Debbie was playing "I Think I Think Too Much," and she presented the idea of adding a second layer of keyboards when the basic piano track was done. She floated several ideas and then I had a flash and heard a Fender Rhodes Electric Piano and when I said it, Patrick began to laugh and said, "Bro, that was right in my head, I was about to say it." Debbie played it and it sounded fantastic. Debbie added a cello sound to "How I Love To Love You Lord," and a flute to "Two Insomnias." I'm loving it.

As of Saturday we have finished the keyboards on the following songs:

Everything Is Changing 

Something ‘Bout That Boy


Tricks On Me 

Two Insomnias 

I Think I Think Too Much 

Good To See You Gone 

Call Me Love 

How I Love to Love You


Sunday. . . 

The creativity in doing this project is overflowing. We finished keyboards on three more songs, and now have four remaining. We started with Debbie's "Don't Give Me A Second Thought (Let Me Be Your First)." The grand piano didn't sound right. I kept hearing a more sparkly bright piano. When I said, "Think Obla-di, Obla-da by the Beatles she switched to rock piano and it was just great. Then we added an electric organ. We had to cycle through the many choices the synthesizer had and found something terrific. All of Debbie's songs are now complete.

The next song was my "Suggestion By Echo," the psychospiritual rock anthem I wrote. For this one we had a driving rock and roll piano. "The booms are loud, the dadadas are quiet." I had the sense that we were working on a giant puzzle where one acquires the pieces as one goes and the end is uncertain until it is. The sound is play-ful and it's play-full as in full sound. Can't wait to hear this one when Tony Sheppard goes all Jimmy Page on it.

Our final song of the day was Tony Sheppard's "Road Song." This is a sweet instrumental that is best described as country western meets surf music inspired by Jimi Hendrix. Wow! Acoustic piano didn't do it, but a Fender Rhodes electric piano was perfect. Then I heard horns and we used two saxophones and two trumpets. It would have been cool to have live horns, but Patrick is the magic man and those horns started to sound pretty authentic by the end. The song is really terrific and we haven't even recorded Tony's signature electric guitars yet. 

We should finish the keyboards next weekend and then move on to the electric rhythm guitars. I am so lucky to be working with Debbie Stern and Patrick Russini. Debbie is so creative and Patrick puts all the frequencies where they are supposed to be. This is so exciting. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Tink. . . the guardian cat of Alpha Ear Productions.Biggie. . . guardian #2 for Alpha Ear Productions


Dreamwalkers Album 2.0 Moving Forward: Keyboards 

Hello to all the Dreamwalkers out there,

As 2020 ends (exhale please) we are gearing up for a very active 2021. Album recording began again today with Debbie Stern working keyboards and Patrick Russini (Magic Patrick, official band nickname), at the controls of the sound. 

I'm finding that as we progress through the material, the songs become entities of their own and if we listen carefully, they start to tell us what they need. Today we worked on three of Debbie's songs, "Tricks On Me," "Call Me Love," "Louisiana Playing On My Mind," and my own, "Everything's Changing." While Debbie was playing on Call Me Love, I heard a string section in my head. When she finished, I said, "I hear strings in the chorus." She looked at me incredulously and replied, "I was about to say the exact same thing." So we put strings and a separate cello (synthesizers are truly amazing) and the song became very big. Debbie had the idea of putting a flute at points during Everything's Changing and it transformed the song. One my favorites of Debbie's is Louisiana Playin On My Mind. We tinkered with the idea of putting something on it, then it hit me. This is her most heartfelt song, sort of like McCartney's Maybe I'm Amazed. We let go of the strings and other things and settled on the idea we would use her beautiful voice in the background as the spice of the song.

We completed the four songs and felt great. There is something so special about being in the studio with Patrick that is just inspiring. I like his dog Biggie also.I feel so uplifted. More keyboards this week and we hope to finish that section soon.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers: Album 2.0 Acoustic Guitars Done 

Hello Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

Today I had the honor of being the first to record at Patrick Russini's Alpha Ear Studio. We finished up the acoustic guitar tracks for our upcoming album. The session involved working on Debbie Stern's song "Tricks On Me" and my original song "Two Insomnias" featuring Jeff Hocker on bass. 

I love working with Patrick. He is so wonderfully present with a fantastic ear. He picks up on minute timing and sound issues. When we have two acoustic guitars on a track, one can hear the interplay between them.

Keyboards with Debbie Stern will be next. I will keep you posted.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers: Playing Out Twice In a Week 

Hello Dreamwalkers,

Our band played for the second time in one week. and the improvement was noteworthy. This time, no rain, the sound (thank you Patrick Russini) was crystalline, and while there are a few things to work on, the performance went well, and we were invited to come back and play again.

I've got to admit, I had a wonderful time playing and I feel like I learned a lot about working together in a band. I find playing out worth many practices. Once again, our original songs were well received as were the covers.

Highlights of the night for me were: Wild Horses, with Debbie singing a great lead, Tony's guitar on Comfortably Numb, Dave's voice on Should I Stay or Shoutd I Go. Daniel was superb on the drums all night. I loved playing my song, "Music Is The Ride."

There was a great vibe in the place (it was a private party in Sarasota) and the band both added to it, and picked up on it. We have another private party to play for on December 12, and are looking for venues to play out. 

Hope to see you out there.


Dr Dreamwalker

Songs: The Word (Beatles), End of the Line (Traveling Wilbury's) Man With the Guru Gaze (Rich), Tricks on Me (Debbie), Dancing With The Man In The Moon (Debbie), Can't Find My Way Home (Blind Faith), Road Song (Tony), Angel From Montgomery (John Prime), Good To See You Gone (Debbie), Magnetic North (Rich), Saving Grace (Tom Petty), Everything Is Changing (Rich), Get Together (Youngbloods).

Tuesday Afternoon (Moody Blues), Don't Give Me A Second Thought (Let Me Be Your First) (Debbie), The Redemption (Rich), Something About That Boy (Debbie), Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd), Two Insomnias (Rich), How I Love To Love You Lord (Debbie), West LA Fadeaway (Grateful Dead), You May Be The One (Rich & Tony), Suggestion By Echo (Rich), I Think I Think Too Much (Debbie), Music Is The Ride (Rich), Should I Stay or Should I Go (The Clash).

Patrick and Jesse setting up

Love that white guitar. . . with the Evertune bridge. . . always in tune.

Patrick making sure we stay dialed in.

Happy Thanksgiving 2020 from Dreamwalkers Band 

Happy Thanksgiving from Dreamwalkers Band. Hope you have a flaming great Thanksgiving 2020. Remember, the attitude of gratitude wins the day.


Tony (Mysterious Angel), Debbie (Queen of Harmony), Dave (Ole Yeller), Daniel (The Heartbeat), Patrick (King of Sound), Jesse (New Music), and Dr Dreamwalker.

Myakka Moonlighters: A Rock and Roll Story 

Hello Dreamwalkers,

The day started sunny. I welcomed Jesse Lipman into our Dreamwalkers family as our roadie and guitar tech. He also plays guitar and sings. As Jesse and I were packing the car I noticed clouds coming in. As we drove out to the venue in Myakka City, it began to rain, and rained steadily. For a brief moment the sun came out to reveal a rainbow, which is usually a good sign. When we got to the venue, the rain continued, but I immediately liked the place and we began to set up.

The digital sound system started out balky but clicked in and things moved smoothly until Tony texted us he was in an car accident and although he was fine, his car was totaled. It was 4.30, we were due to start at 6. I went to collect him. He seemed a little rattled, but really wanted to play. By the time I got him back to the venue it was about 5.58, so we got his gear out and set him up. I presumed the rainbow was for his safety. There were a few brave souls who showed up in their trucks with umbrellas, then almost miraculously, it stopped raining.

Over the next three hours the crowd, which seemed to grow by the moment, showered us with love. We were fun, funny, and engaging. The audience was enjoying us and seemed to respond just as well to our original songs as they did to the cover songs. Debbie's songs were amazing. I had fun with my original numbers and especially enjoyed being the MC for the evening. Dave's voice sounded strong. Tony somehow played brilliantly, and Daniel was our "heartbeat and heart throb" throughout the evening. I felt so very connected to him. We had a great response, they said they wanted us back and the people out there were great.

Tony is alive and healthy. The audience loved us. I don't remember ever enjoying myself on the stage as much as I did last night.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Rehearsal Before Gig 

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

Saturday is approaching fast and since none of us have quit our day jobs, tonight was the last rehearsal prior to playing at Myakka Moonlighters on Saturday. The energy was high and the jokes were flying back and forth across the musical bubble. Led by our jokester, Daniel Polyak, we moved through all three sets with a combination of fun and edginess. You could tell this rehearsal was different. We are ready to play. You never know if your roof leaks on a sunny day, so this will be a great test for us. We haven't played out in over a year, so this will be a new experience. 

We have chosen cover songs that often are by famous bands but may not be their most famous songs. There is a barn burner in the middle of the second set but I am sworn to secrecy. Hint. . . Mysterious Angel, Tony Sheppard will knock your socks off on this one. I believe Debbie Stern's original songs match up well to any of the covers, Tony has a beautiful instrumental inspired by Jimi Hendrix and I will reserve judgment on my own, except to say, you will get a look into my psyche and the way I see the world and I've been told it's entertaining at least. Debbie's country pop style merges effortlessly with my rock apocalyptic anthems. I can't really explain how this happens, but I assure you it does. 

Debbie, Dave (Old Yeller) Ross and I combine our efforts to sing harmony and it's working. Tony's guitar is lyrical, powerful, and gorgeous. Daniel Polyak on drums is our heartbeat and he is that in more ways than one. He keeps me smiling throughout. And Me? Dr Dreamwalker? I guess I'm the metaphysical master of ceremonies. The one who brought all this talent together to express some powerful messages of love, connectedness, and confrontation of our wounds.

We are also welcoming Jesse Lipman as our all around assistant, roadie, and support man. Jesse is a wonder and we are lucky he is with us. By the way, he is an excellent musician himself.

We have been preparing for this for a long time and we are excited and happy to begin. I hope all our friends will come out to this sweet venue on a pleasant November evening in Florida to hear our vision. . . it's about the music.


Dr Dreamwalker (Richard Schulman)

Dreamwalkers Playing Out 

It's been a long time. We are very excited to be playing out for the Myakka Moonlighters concert series. Kind of a perfect setting. Our own personal Dreamstock. Take it to the country before playing Broadway. Hey we can dream can't we? I mean that was the original point, to dream out loud and enjoy the experience. We are planning on enjoying an evening of music under the stars. We will be playing our original tunes and cover songs we love. Should be a great adventure and lots of fun. 


Dr Dreamwalker

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