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Album Review 

Excellent musicianship and songs reminiscent of our youth...very sixties centric, especially the San Francisco connection (Jefferson/Dead) with a bit of Allmans thrown in for good measure. Just my take on it. Singing was nice but I didn't check out the lyrics on the website. Save that for another time. Good job recording, as well but thought the bass and drums could have been punched up a bit on some tunes (that's just my "producer" ear. All in all a great effort; you all should be very proud. G.C. New York, New York.

Classic Covers 

My friend, Gerri Czachowski, posts lists of top twenty hits on Facebook with great regularity. The songs that comprised the soundtrack of my youth are open game for the band. She just posted the top 20 from WMCA-AM radio in New York City for April 22, 1966. Dreamwalkers currently cover two of the songs, Secret Agent Man and California Dreamin'. We are working on several more from that era including: Reach Out I'll Be There, Something In The Air, Time of The Season are good candidates. 

WMCA-AM Radio - Top 20 - Week of April 22 1966 

1 GOOD LOVIN’ - The Young Rascals 
2 (You’re My) SOUL AND INSPIRATION - The Righteous Brothers 
3 SLOOP JOHN B - The Beach Boys 
4 MONDAY, MONDAY - The Mama’s & The Papa’s 
5 TIME WON’T LET ME - The Outsiders 
6 BANG BANG (My Baby Shot Me Down) - Cher 
7 SECRET AGENT MAN - Johnny Rivers 
8 WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN - Percy Sledge 
9 KICKS - Paul Revere & The Raiders 
11 CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ - The Mama’s & The Papa’s 
12 THIS OLD HEART OF MINE (Is Weak For You) - The Isley Brothers 
14 MESSAGE TO MICHAEL - Dionne Warwick 
15 GLORIA - The Shadows Of Knight 
16 RAINY DAY WOMEN #12 & 35 - Bob Dylan 
17 I’M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY - B.J. Thomas & The Triumphs 
19 GOIN’ WILD - The Jive Five 
20 A GROOVY KIND OF LOVE - The Mindbenders

It was a groovy time to be alive. Peace,

Dr Dreamwalker

Album Review: "The Redemption had left an earworm." 

I was coming back across the bay from my girlfriend’s, driving her 2001 BMW M3 convertible. Somehow, with the top down, and beautiful sunny California all about me, that lengthy guitar intro to Crazy Movie (and then some of the lyrics) seemed perfect.  I was able to listen to the entire cd, in one swoop, under the sun.  I realized this morning, when I woke up, that “The Redemption” had left an earworm. 

p.s. just a couple of other thoughts...  townshend's influence was clear but not overt... the directness of your lyrics and i was mildly surprised that you seemed more influenced by Lennon than McCartney.... i always thought you more a Paul kind of guy. Anyway, nice CD

D.K. San Carlos, California

Dreamwalkers Album: "A GPS for Pilgrims" 

Dreamwalkers    Album Review 

You can not separate the Dreamer from the Dream for one can not exist without the other. 

Dreamwalkers takes the Dream out of Unconsciousness and brings it to our awareness.  Here we may examine ourselves with the illumination offered by the Light.  Dreamwalkers CD offers us the opportunity to see ourselves in a deeper and quite revealing manner.  One thing that sets this album apart from so many others is that the musicians are not teenagers filled with anger and alienation but from advanced souls who have listened, experienced and know. 

Dreamwalkers was formed by Richard Schulman and Jeff Hocker in 2014.  Tony Sheppard, Culynn Murdock, Debbie Stern and Pat Russini joined and the Album was released in late March.  A finely executed and well crafted collaboration of music, heart and soul that all the band contributed to were necessary to make this Gestalt.  Although one might think it was released 50 years ago with the sounds of rock, blues, jazz  and folk artfully  blended  it is hot off the press.  Vintage instruments, state of the art technology and a touch of the Divine bring to us a new Dream to experience. 

The first cut “Crazy Movie” lets us know that, “Dream is a letter sent from the soul, Fragments of eternity falling from the sky”.  As we listen we hear these Musical Pilgrims reveal their own journeys and the knowledge gleaned therein that we might benefit from it and avoid those same traps in our pilgrimages. 

This is more than music although the music is quite sufficient in itself. We have an amalgam of music, philosophy and Spiritual Evolution.    Dreamwalkers is a bit of a GPS for Pilgrims where there is no other map and intuition and consciousness are our Guides.  Songs of joy, loss, pain and “The Redemption” are offered.  “Twelve Years Later”  touched me deeply and offers wonderful inspiration. 

Close your eyes, open your ears and listen with your Heart to all of the notes as well as the spaces between the notes and more will be revealed.  Listen carefully and know, “Only Love is Real”.  Outstanding Dreamwalkers.  Dream on! Rock on! 

D.G. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania


Dreamwalkers 2.0 

Dreamwalkers are rehearsing with Bart Dellarmi on bass. We are bringing in some new material to expand our live show and start the next album. We worked on some covers: Reach Out, I'll Be There; Real Love; 19th Nervous Breakdown; Old Man, and some original songs: Music is The Ride; Suggestion By Echo. Bart is putting his stamp on some of the songs we've been doing for a while. It's a transformation for the band.


Dr Dreamwalker 

Another Dreamwalkers Album Review 

Stirs the soul, moves the body, awakens the mind. A breath of fresh air. Sweet melodies and succulent harmonies accompany the ear on a journey through the human condition. A joy, an eclectic piece of art, a gift to the listener and the world. Can’t wait for more.  M.E. Venice, Florida

Get the album at

Playing With Sam Woolf 

Tonight I went down the Blue Rooster to see American Idol star, Sam Woolf. Dreamwalkers lead guitar player Tony Sheppard was part of his back up band, and friend Shawn Doolittle was on drums. I like to support Tony and was interested in seeing Sam play as Tony has told me a lot about him. What I was not prepared for was Sam calling me up on stage to play Hey Jude at the end of the gig. Tony said he didn't know the chords, and Sam didn't play on it, so maybe he didn't know them either. Fortunately, I knew most of them and filled the few I didn't know with educated guesses. Sam is a great kid, a real talent, a gracious and generous musician. I had a blast.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers: One Door Closes, Another Always Opens 

With our album complete and birthed out in the world, I am proud of what we have accomplished. Jeff Hocker and I started the band five years ago and we have been through a lot together. So, it's with sadness I let everyone know that Jeff will be moving to North Carolina, and my old friend Bart Dellarmi will be joining Dreamwalkers on bass guitar. My collaboration with Jeff will not end, but will transform. Thankfully, we have worked together over the internet in the formation of our album and will continue to do so.

Bart Dellarmi is a wonderful bass player and an even better friend. We have wanted to play in a band together for quite some time, but it never worked out until now. It is fortunate for us Bart was available right at the time Jeff was exiting.

So, Dreamwalkers had our first rehearsal/get together since the album release today. We had three goals, get Bart acclimated, hear some new songs, and have fun. We met all our goals. Culynn Murdock presented a number of really cool songs and I'm sure we will be working on them. I presented a new/old song for the band, something we did in the past but had let go. The song needed a new arrangement and it sounded great. 

I'm really optimistic about what comes next for Dreamwalkers Band.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers Album Review 

The album is certainly the best example of the finest 1960’s vintage blend of spirit and connective relativity ever amalgamated! With it’s warm tasty notes and smooth feeling tonality; it blesses the heart and soothes the mind. By word and indeed lyrical convictions, it carries the best emotion and dissipates the inevitable anguish and redress of the soul. Negative thoughts and relinquished empowerment find fortifications and encouraging melodies that lift the heart from bitterness and sad afterthought. Some would dance to it. Most will soak and savor the reminisce of hallowed, yet unloved youth! V.M. Rohnert Park, California

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