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Music Truly IS The Ride. . . album sent to Printer. . .   

The long journey of making "Music Is The Ride" is at the last step. Everything has been double checked, i's dotted and t's crossed. The album was sent to the printer today. I listened to it one last time to make sure there were no glitches (I knew there wouldn't be) and now we wait. 

We started in May 2020, just after the beginning of the pandemic and while I thought we would finish before the pandemic did, I never thought either would still be cooking on December 1, 2021. We moved in time through uncertainty, delta, omicron, George Floyd, a disputed election, two Stanley Cups for our beloved Bolts, a Super Bowl for the Bucs, censorship, mask and vaxx mandates, a pushback, woke, wake, sheep, vaxx, anti-vaxx, a run on toilet paper, death of friends, new relationships flourishing, a country split in half among other things. We saw Florida become a place where radicals like us could flourish (who could have figured that one). There were unforeseen problems, delays, disease, gremlins, disagreements, sweetness, harmony, flow, genius, and finally. . . creation manifesting in real time.

I am truly proud to be part of this wonderful group of musicians and even better people. Thank You Tony Sheppard, Debbie Stern, Dave Ross, Jeff Hocker and Patrick Russini. Appreciation to Kali Dass for photography and Daniel Schulman of Schulman Media for graphic design.

Peace. . . Music Truly IS The Ride.

Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers: Things Change 

The first song on our new album, Music Is The Ride, is "Everything Is Changing." Well, not everything, but our drummer resigned from the band due to creative differences. The band was a bit in shock at first but we got together for a rehearsal at Debbie Stern's music studio and had a great time. The focus was more on vocal harmonies and a dealing with a different dynamic. Music IS the ride. The joy in playing our music wiped away the personal loss and we sounded terrific. Debbie's vocals are sparking, Tony is an absolute wonder at lead guitar, Dave is solid on bass, and I could actually hear my voice in the mix so I was able to hit my harmonies. We are all looking forward to the next chapter in the band's evolution. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers: Music Is The Ride--Album Cover 

Apologies for everyone waiting for the album to be completed. We ran into a few glitches but wanted to get things right. We are a dot or two away from it and I promise will have it very soon. I love the cover. I took the photo in London, England in 2017. The design was a collaboration with Kali Dass. Daniel Schulman of Schulman Media put it together. 

Dreamwalkers: Lyrics Are Up On The Website 

Hey Dreamwalkers out there,

Finally, all the lyrics are up on the website and impressions by myself and Debbie regarding the songs are in the Lyrics and Thoughts section of Music Is The Ride. 

We are working on the cover art and should be done very shortly. Which means. . . Album soon.


Dr Dreamwalker


Dreamwalkers: Music Is The Ride 

Hey Dreamwalkers. . . and aren't we all walking through some kind of wild dream?

All tracks from the new album, Music Is The Ride, are up on our website. You can listen to previews or download the entire album for free with your e-mail address.

We are working on album cover art (calling it an album is really old school, but I guess I am) and getting it printed, but you can get it today if you wish. I am so incredibly proud of our band and this song cycle. 

Special thanks to Patrick Russini, without whose brilliance (and patience) this would never have manifested. Much appreciation to Jeff Hocker, founder, who played Bass Guitar on "Two Insomnias," and again to Patrick Russini who played drums on "Road Song," and "Music Is The Ride."

Thank You Dreamwalkers Band for hanging in there for this long awaited accomplishment. Now lets play it live.

Tony Sheppard: Lead Guitar

Dave Ross: Bass Guitar and Vocals

Daniel Polyak: Drums and Percussion

Debbie Stern: Vocals and Keyboards


Dr Dreamwalker: Vocals and Guitars


Dreamwalkers: Music Is The Ride. . . Listen 

Hey Dreamwalkers out there,

I'm on vacation right now (first one since before the pandemic) and where else but Nashville, Tennessee. Tonight I'm going to see blues guitarist, Christone (Kingfisher) Ingram at the Ryman Theatre. Tuesday will be Eric Clapton at the hockey arena, and then Saturday, back to the Ryman for Tommy Emmanuel. What an incredible lineup of guitar masters.

So to commemorate this, I've posted nine finished tracks to out Dreamwalkers album, Music Is The Ride, over in the music section. Listen with headphones or really great speakers, because the soundscape created by Patrick Russini is something to behold. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers: Mastering Complete. . . "Music Is The Ride" Is Ready To Be Born 

It was 10.03 PM on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 when the final touches were put on the Dreamwalkers Album, "Music Is The Ride." Thanks to the herculean efforts of Patrick Russini at Alpha Ear Studios, we have completed the more than one year journey from our first scratch tracks to this final moment. 

Kudos to band members, Tony Sheppard, Deborah Stern, Daniel Polyak, Dave Ross, special guest Jeff Hocker, and Executive Producer and Sound Engineer, Patrick Russini.

The album is a gem. Can't wait to share it with everyone. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers: Mastering the Album Has Begun 

Hi to all Dreamwalkers out there,

I met with Patrick Russini at Alpha Ear Studio and we began the last component of creating the music for our Music Is The Ride album, mastering the tracks. As I've mentioned previously, mastering is a process in which the tracks get additional volume, and are polished in terms of equalization (which frequencies are boosted, which are cut) and compression (managing variations of sound levels).

 Pat and I always enjoy working together and the evening went smoothly. We had already put in many hours of mixing which made the mastering significantly easier and we finished six tracks: Road Song, Magnetic North, Music Is The Ride, Something 'Bout That Boy, Everything Is Changing, and Louisiana. From my completely unbiased (haha) perspective, the tracks are sounding wonderful. They are rich and luxurious without being over the top. The songs are terrific and the musicianship is excellent. 

We will continue working this evening to finish and then everything regarding recording will be complete. It's time to shoot and album cover, write the copy for the album and get it printed. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers: Music Is Still The Ride, Open Mic Tonight 

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

The closer one is to a goal the greater the frustration when there is a delay. We are ready to break through and have our album and play some cool venues to let people hear our original songs and covers. N o t  y e t. Almost.

Anyway, as we figure it out, we will be playing the open mic at Stottlemyer's Smokehouse again today (Tuesday). We will probably go on about 7.30 or so and if you'd like to hang out with us come on over. The food is good and we had a good time last time, and expect to expand our experience. 

Rehearsals are still fun, but I can tell we are chafing at the bit to get out and play. In the meantime, we will be learning new songs to keep the spark going. Hope to see everyone soon.


Dr Dreamwalker

Dreamwalkers: Album at the Mastering Stage. . . Another Open Mic at Stottlemyer's Smokehouse 

Hello Dreamwalkers,

Wednesday night the band rehearsed a three song set to play at Stottlemyer's next Tuesday. We learned at lot last time and have adjusted to the situation. We will play what I feel is the soul of the band. . . a Tom Petty medley, one of Debbie's songs and one of mine. This is our core, our soul and we will go with it.

The album is at a mastering stage and while it sounds wonderful in the mixing we have done, I know the mastering will polish it and make it really shine. It's a meticulous process and there is no one I'd rather have to it than Patrick Russini. 

If you would like to join us Tuesday at Stottlemyer's come out and hang with the band. We will likely not be on until at least 7 PM. The food is good and the atmosphere is sweet. 

We are really excited about the album and starting to play out. The rehearsals are very good. 


Dr Dreamwalker

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