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Dreamwalkers Relaxed Summer Get Together  

Hello Dreamwalkers out there,

It's summer and people are traveling. Drummer Pat Russini and Singer Debbie Stern are out of town, so the remainder of our band met at Dreamwalker Studio to play and sing and have some fun. We played a number of covers and experimented with new songs and arrangements. Bart Dellarmi suggested we try Ode to Billy Joe (not ode to Billy Joel). Cullyn sang it fantastically, and I think we'll be playing it when we play out. Tony had some fun playing my Fender 12 string guitar and he was able to produce some pretty cool sounds from it. We even tried a couple of Who songs. I love playing and singing with these people. We have been invited to play at the "Pavement" Festival in November (used to be the Chalk Festival, maybe will still be), and will be setting up gigs in late July, early August.


Dr Dreamwalker

Songs: The Seeker, Behind Blue Eyes, Ode to Billy Joe, She's Not There, Blackbird, You May Be The One, Moondance, Lucky Man, Right Down The Line, Boys of Summer, Steamroller Blues, Blackbird.

Dreamwalkers: New Material 

Dreamwalkers rehearsal brought in new original songs by Debbie Stern. She sang "Something 'Bout That Boy," and "Divorce Song". The band dug the songs and we will be working out arrangements as we move forward. We also worked on one of my original songs, "Two Insomnias," which the band had done in the past, but we put a new spin on it. The solos are going to be split between Tony and Debbie on keyboards. Bart Dellarmi on bass and Pat Russini on drums are really starting to synch together. Tony Sheppard is playing as well as I've ever heard him. We had fun and are looking to playing out in the next month or so. I love what's happening in our process.


Dr Dreamwalker

Songs: Crazy Movie, Diamond Filled Bouquet, Only Love Is Real, Two Insomnias, Something 'Bout That Boy, Divorce Song, Boys of Summer, Ohio

Dreamwalkers Prep Time 

Hi Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

We met for rehearsal in our new rehearsal space and had another great time. One thing is for sure, we really love playing with each other. Our bass guitar player, Bart Dellarmi, is becoming a prime energy in the band. Bart has a great ear, is a wonderful player, and a strong sense of who he is in his playing. I'm enjoying playing next to him and feeling the energy bounding back and forth. Tony Sheppard was playing out of his head tonight. I've rarely heard him better. Pat Russini brings youthful energy and fun into his drumming. We all love Pat. He's the glue for the band. Cullyn Murdock seemed relaxed and happy. Her cover of Comfortably Numb was just scintillating and we'll be playing that one when we perform. I'm having a great time with our originals and covers, as we are bringing forward a few new original songs. The band is starting to really reconstitute and gel. We plan to play our by mid July and will keep everyone posted.


Dr Dreamwalker

Songs: Crazy Movie, Diamond Filled Bouquet, You May Be The One, Only Love Is Real, Machiavelli's Daughter, Dreamer's Story, Wandering In Neutral, Two Insomnias, Music Is The Ride, Third Stone From the Sun, Last Dance With Mary Jane, Comfortably Numb. 

Dreamwalkers Album Review. . .  

Marc Starke is a man whose opinion I respect, a person who is well versed in music, has high integrity, and calls it as he sees it. We have never met in person, so I did not know what to expect when I asked him to review our album, except honesty.

Dreamwalkers, with brilliant original music lead by co-founder, guitarist, writer Richard Schulman (Dr Dreamwalker) , with an equally immensely talented band consisting of co-founder Jeff Hocker, Tony Sheppard, Culynn Murdock, Debbie Stern and Pat Russini, puts out music that is beautifully inspiring and spiritually uplifting. The lyrics, vocals, harmonies, and instrumentation are what brings you there. The originality of the music still conveys reminders of David Gilmour, Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Pete Townshend, and a few others who transcended the 1960's. With the Dreamwalkers, the music transcends the sound and message as better as ever in a time when it's needed more than ever! - Marc Starcke, Pembroke Pines, FL. 

Dreamwalkers 2.0 Rehearsal 

Hey Dreamwalkers. 

The band got together for a rehearsal Sunday afternoon. We found a great space and thank Don Stiber and Mary Beth Stiber for providing it. Bass Guitar player Bart Dellarmi, and Drummer, Patrick Russini, had their first rehearsal together. They were joined by Tony Sheppard, Culynn Murdock, and myself. We played a number of our originals and a few covers. It took a little while for us to knock the rust off, but by the end of our practice, things were gelling very strongly and we worked hard and had great fun, "Hard Fun."

We are happy to be playing again, and although we will miss Jeff Hocker, Bart is moving into the role with grace and skill. He's got a different vibe than Jeff, but the band seems to easily flow with him. 

Planning on playing out in about a month. Will keep everyone posted.


Dr DreamwalkerSongs: Norwegian Wood, Crazy Movie, You May Be The One, Diamond Filled Bouquet, Wandering In Neutral, Machiavelli's Daughter, Dreamer’s Story, Only Love Is Real, Music Is The Ride, Secret Agent Man, Last Dance With Mary Jane, My My Hey Hey, Don't Let It Bring You Down

Dreamwalkers Album Review 

I am truly enjoying your CD. What an accomplishment and message from the heart! Thanks so much for sharing it with me and the world. Truly remarkable talent. D.S. Cambria, CA

Machiavelli's Birthday (free download)  

Today is Machiavelli's birthday. In "honor" of the day, Dreamwalkers is offering a free download of the song "Machiavelli's Daughter." Just go over to the Store section of the website put in your e-mail and the song is yours. Thanks to my friend, Gerri Czachowski, for letting me know about this special day.

Machiavelli himself would be very comfortable in today's environment. Here are a few quotes. . .

It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both. 

Men judge generally more by the eye than by the hand, for everyone can see and few can feel. Every one sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are. 

The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.

Happy Machiavelli's Birthday, Dreamwalkers.

Here's the song if you just want to listen but not download.

Sound and Vibration 

Sound and vibration are healing energies. “There once was a note, Pure and Easy, playing so free like a breath rippling by.” Pete Townshend 

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