Jazz and soul and rock-and-roll, oh my! The Dreamwalkers’ electric and energetic thumbprint is found all throughout the album. The breadth and fullness of vibration found in the harmonies coupled with the melodies rising to the cosmos makes this venture truly a soul surfing ride. Remarkable talent and gifts are found in this band! Do yourself a favor: turn it on, crank it up, and go for the ride!   Megan E. Venice, Florida

I am listening to your new CD in my car. I really am enjoying your songs. The lyrics are remarkable and very inspiring. Great sound! Feels like I'm at a concert. Kudos to the engineer and sound people, nailed it. The vocals are well done as well as the harmony. Really like the Outsider! I saw you all in concert last year hope to see you perform again this year. Keep on playing music we all need it. Joe R. Sarasota, Florida 

The future is bleak but it's music like yours, Dreamwalkers, that's keeps hearts and minds spiritually uplifting on a daily basis. I'm on my 2nd round of listening to the whole album. From the vocals and harmonies, to the guitar sounds and songwriting -the album is both a classic rock and modern sound that fits in perfectly with everything that's going on in the world right now. It's beautiful piece of work from track one thru to track 16.


Mark S., Pembroke Pines, Florida

"The guitar intro to The Outsider has that 70s mystery and depth I really like. It captures the wild, free and rebellious spirit of America that people from all across the world admired, loved and felt inspired by back in the day. A cool song for driving on the open road." 

Seems like it would be fun playing in the band. Brings back memories for me. I might have to get back into music one day; maybe if I have more time in my 60s like yourself. Lots of other great work on The Modern Man prior to then. 

Enjoy the ride!

Dan B., Melbourne, Australia

I wanted to let you know I listened to the dreamwalkers album and I liked it a lot.  You can definitely hear a lot of eclectic influences there—Warren Zevon, Chris Isaak, Dick Dale, The Who, Johnny Rivers, Del Shannon, Link Wray, and British New Wave.  Your female singer sounds like a benign hybrid of Duffy and the dear departed Ronnie Spector.  I liked it a lot.

Patrick F., Tallahassee, Florida

Great stuff! Something for every listener here. Solid tunes with great vocals and guitar solos- soulful vibes all around! Personal fav’s are “The Outsider” and “I Think I Think Too Much”!

All the Best & keep the CDs rolling!
Chuck B. Punta Gorda, FL