Dreamwalkers Recording Session #2

Dreamwalkers Recording Session: Speakeasy Studios

Summer Solstice at Sabrosa

Dreamwalkers Family: Sabrosa, April 19, 2018

You feel everything your band is doing, don't you, Richard?”

— Film Director, Photographer, Sonny Marler

Dreamwalkers: Sabrosa, March 22, 2018

Post Rehearsal

Tony Sheppard: Guitar Player Extraordinaire

Run, get the Celestial Singers back for the photos. Thanks to Lynn Hocker for the photographs

Dreamwalkers Rehearsal

Dreamwalkers thank Daniel Schulman of Schulman Media for the photographs

Dreamwalkers Family at Sabrosa

Dreamwalkers Mini-Road Trip: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Trio

Dreamwalkers Play Sabrosa, February 2, 2018

Dreanwalkers thank Pati Beardsley for the photographs

Celestial Singers: Culynn and Pamela

Guitar Heaven. . . Hanging with Shaun Hopper and Tony Sheppard

Dreamwalkers Play Sabrosa

Photographs by Carla Younger and Fendell Dustin Pillsbury

Dreamwalkers Rehearsal December 27, 2017

Jimi Hendrix Birthday Celebration

Dreamwalkers West Coast Fan

Dreamwalkers Brush With Greatness

Happy Dreamwalkers Halloween

Dreamwalkers Rehearsal: Shaping "Dolphin" and "Road Song"

Young Dreamwalkers

Dreamwalkers play Porchfest, October 8, 2017

Photographs by Carla Henshaw, Richard Schulman and Tony Sheppard

Dreamwalkers play Benefit Concert for Brandi's Wish Foundation, June 11, 2017

Photographs by Daniel Schulman, Fendell Dustin Pillsbury, and Carla Henshaw

Dreamwalkers Play Benefit for Child Protection Center, May 20, 2017


Junkyard Studio Recording Session

Dreamwalkers Brandi's Wish Benefit, June 25, 2016

Photographs by Lisa Brandy and Daniel Schulman

Beginnings: First Performance February 27, 2015

Pre-Dreamwalker Jams