Dreamwalkers Band: New Material, Moving Forward 

Greetings to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

In order to keep things fresh and moving forward, we like to introduce new material. Last night in our rehearsal we worked on a number of new things, and the response was exhilarating. 

We put together a really powerful medley of Tom Petty tunes. Imagine my joy at being able to sing some of my favorite songs with this great band backing me up. Dave Dolnick brought in a song by William DeVaughn "Be Thankful For What You Got," and the band ate it up like it was candy. What a great vibe. We worked on two songs for Debbie, her brilliant original tune, "Only You," and the Carole King classic, "I Feel The Earth Move." Finally we worked on a tune Tony Sheppard and I wrote called, "Time To Let Your Sun Shine."

It's a thrill to play with such great people.


Dr Dreamwalker

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