Dreamwalkers: Something in the Air, You Bet

Although we play a lot of original songs, we love playing cover songs by other artists. Do you remember the song 'Something in the Air,' by Thunderclap Newman? We spontaneously started playing it, and it sounded good, so it will likely join our set list. It's also a lot of fun to play. Did you know Pete Townshend played bass on the record under the name "Bijou Drains" and it was his first and only #1 hit? How ironic he didn't have one with The Who. It's a message from 1969 that seems very powerful for today's world. There is something in the air, and I feel that part of our "mission" is to reflect what people are feeling in the songs we write and those we chose to cover.

Dreamwalkers Band had a strong and productive rehearsal on Sunday, as we anticipate playing out soon. We started by working on songs by Jeff Hocker and Tony Sheppard. We spent time preparing Tony's "Road Song" for playing out and made excellent progress. Road Song is a fast paced instrumental that echoes Southern California in the early 60s, when the music was all about surfing, girls, and cars. The song is lots of fun to play, and Tony's guitar wizardry is certainly on display with this one. Then Jeff presented a new song to the band called "Flow." "Flow" is sweet and funky, with lots of jazz overtones. We are just learning it, but I love it and I'm sure it is a winner.

We also went over some of our original songs, as we haven't played in a few weeks. We changed some of the arrangements, as I am now playing electric guitar on about half the songs. I'm enjoying playing my Gretsch Tennessee Rose. George Harrison played an earlier version of it called a Tennessean in the early 60s, and was the reason I wanted the guitar in the first place. What 12 year old in 1965 didn't want to be like the Beatles? You know, long hair, pointy boots, electric guitar...

We hope to have some news about a steady gig in the near future. By the way, if anyone has ideas about cover songs they'd like to hear, send us a message and we'll check it out. 


Dr Dreamwalker

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