Dreamwalkers Band: Toys For Tots Benefit 

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers Band friends,

Dreamwalkers Band will be playing at Hurricane Mike's on Saturday from 2.30 to 5 PM, in a benefit for Toys For Tots. The band is very excited to be getting out and playing…

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Dreamwalkers Band: New Gigs 

Hello to all my Dreamwalkers out there (and don't we all walk through each others dreams),

The band is ready to play out. We have two new gigs scheduled.

We will be playing a benefit show for "Toys For Tots"…

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Dreamwalkers Band: New Material, Moving Forward 

Greetings to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

In order to keep things fresh and moving forward, we like to introduce new material. Last night in our rehearsal we worked on a number of new things, and the response was exhilarating. 

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Dreamwalkers: Join Together With The Band 

Hey Dreamwalkers,

In a time of great instability and uncertainty what can we count on? Music. Personally, I find the vibrations of music to be a great healer. Music never lets me down. When the band plays and I'm in…

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Dreamwalkers Myakka Moonlighters March 19 

Hello Dreamwalkers out there,

So much going on in the world. How do we cope? Music. I saw the Canadian Truckers playing music and dancing during their protest. Bravo. We are working hard to put our performance together. There is…

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Dreamwalkers: New Photos 

Hey to all my Dreamwalkers out there,

Thanks to my son, Daniel Schulman of Schulman Media https://schulmanmedia.com for some great photographs of the band. We are getting ready for our gig March 19 at Myakka Moonlighters. Should be a lot…

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