Dreamwalkers Pre-Show Run Through

Sunday afternoon, Dreamwalkers went through our entire setlist, preparing for our performance on Thursday, March 22 at Sabrosa. I must admit, I really love playing with our band. The mix of styles means there are a lot of musical surprises, and the creativity and originality of our songs is impressive. I'm enjoying singing with our Celestial Singers, Pam Clements and Culynn Murdock. Harmonies create an almost hypnotic effect and we do a lot of harmonies. Tony Sheppard's lead guitar was confident and lyrical today, and will be ready to ignite for the show. My feeling was the rhythm section of Jeff Hocker and Jeff Dillon was having fun, and moving the songs along. We are ready to play, and I'm certain that as John Lennon once said, "A pleasant time is guaranteed for all." We'd love to see our Dreamwalkers Family come out on Thursday evening. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Post Rehearsal: The Celestial Singers had already left, but it was so nice out, I wanted to get a photo. 

Thanks to Lynn Hocker for the photograph 

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