Playing With Great Joy

The lesson here is never ever miss a chance to see Victor Wooten. The Wave (Jeff Hocker) and I journeyed to the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater to see Victor Wooten's Fun&Funk Xplosion. He performed with his brothers, and the comedian Sinbad playing funk music which resulted in the most fun I’ve had at a concert for as long as I can remember. I have never smiled and laughed more during a concert. Victor is a magician on the bass guitar, Wooten brothers Regi (guitar) Joseph (keys) and Roy "Futureman" (drums) and Bob Franceschini (sax) were just brilliant. They played funk music that just made you want to smile and dance. I knew we were in for something special when they started playing Sly & The Family Stone songs. A highlight was a guitar thump off between Victor and Regi. I couldn’t figure out how they were going to integrate Sinbad into the show but it was seamless and brilliant. Sinbad's Barry White impression was hilarious. The most important thing was the great joy and love they poured into the music and our hearts. Thank you Victor Wooten


Dr Dreamwalker

Blurry Bandmates (my bad)

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