Dreamwalkers Sound Evolving. . . Puzzle Pieces Coming Together

Todays rehearsal was wonderful. Patrick Russini is a musical drummer, tight on the beat, a great sensitivity to what is going on around him, and blending seamlessly with the band. Bravo, Patrick. The key is everyone was having fun and our sound is evolving, bright and flowing. We are continuing to make progress with our Dreamwalkers album, with David Dolnick sitting in on drums for some of the recording process. The early percussion tracks sound great. The pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together.


Dr Dreamwalker


Songs: Crazy Movie, Machiavelli's Daughter, The Redemption, Only Love Is Real, Diamond Filled Bouquet, Time To Let Your Sun Shine, Walkin' Down The Road, You May Be The One, Dolphin, 12 Years Later, It Don't Come Easy, Can't Find My Way Home, Harvest Moon.

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