Dreamwalkers Recording Session #2

Today, Dreamwalkers moved forward with recording our album. We continue to build the foundation of our songs. Last week we completed drums and bass guitar for six songs. Today, we put rhythm acoustic guitars and some electric guitar work on the songs. Culynn Murdock began to put vocal tracks on her song, "Wandering In Neutral." Today, I experienced the magic of putting beautiful 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars in unison to create wonderful rhythm tracks. I also played my Rickenbacker 12 string to provide sounds reminiscent of the Byrds and a 60s vibe to my song,"The Redemption." Tony Sheppard began the task of creating lead guitar for our songs. We used two very cool Fender Tube Amplifiers to give us a spectacular electric sound. All in all, the day was exhausting but went quickly and smoothly. The songs are taking shape and I am optimistic.


Dr Dreamwalker

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