Dreamwalkers Recording an Album: Snail's Pace to Reaching For The Sky, It's a Trip

Being in a band with incredibly talented people who didn't quit their day jobs is quite a trip. One moment, I feel like we are moving at a snail's pace, and then we are reaching for the sky. There is a rule in psychology: the closer one gets to ta goal, the more frustrating any obstacle becomes. We are getting close to our first goal, that of laying down the tracks. Then comes mixing and mastering. we are close, and I'm sticking to my goal of having all the initial tracks ready for mixing by January 1, but I guess I didn't say what year. 

Yesterday's rehearsal was great fun. Pat Russini is getting more comfortable as drummer, and everyone else was cooking. Tony Sheppard was just plain unconscious good and Culynn Murdock's good spirits were reflected in creative takes on the songs. Jeff Hocker and I spent a few hours going over Logic Pro X on his new computer, and I am in a sense back in school, reviewing mixing and mastering techniques. I don't take Jeff's brilliant bass playing for granted, he's consistently wonderful. 

Well, Dreamwalkers family and friends, at times, I feel like I have to climb up to that tiny Moon in the photograph, and other times, it's just a few steps to the top of the site. Perhaps a little bit of both. Enjoy the holiday season, you can still say "Merry Christmas" if it works for you, Happy Hanukah or whatever winter solstice time event is yours. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Songs: Crazy Movie, Diamond Filled Bouquet, Machiavelli's Daughter, Only Love Is Real, Walkin' Down The Road, Wandering In Neutral, You May Be The One, The Redemption,  A Dreamer's Story, No Footprints In The Snow, 12 Years Later, Can't Find My Way Home, Pride, Harvest Moon, Secret Agent Man

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