Dreamwalkers: Prepping New Songs For Performance

Hello Dreamwalkers Family, Dreamwalkers rehearsed Sunday afternoon with a focus on preparing three new songs and two new arrangements to our set list. Our Celestial Singers, Culynn Murdock and Pam Clements were featured. Culynn's original song, "Wandering In Neutral," received attention to details, and is emerging as a very cool song that the band enjoys, and we think our Dreamwalkers Family will love it as well. Pam's original song, "Goodbye Forever," was massaged into performance shape. We also practiced her arrangement of the Dr Dreamwalker composition, "So Many Stars." I feel very heartened by the energy Pam is putting into these efforts. Then we worked on the song, "You May Be The One," a composition written by Tony Sheppard and myself. I personally love this one, as the words just seemed to fall from the sky once I got started writing the lyrics. Culynn sings the lead and moves the song into a higher stratosphere than I had envisioned in the original demo. My own composition, "Suggestion By Echo," has turned into quite a rocker, with the Celestial Singers joining me for three part harmony. When we do a cover, we like to make it our own, and "Can't Find My Way Home" has become one of ours. Pam, Culynn, and myself had so much fun singing the song. I am grateful for the input from Tony, JD, and Jeff. Each brings enormous expertise and experience in music as well as the courage of creativity. It takes a lot to bare one's soul and bring a song to life, so I'm very proud of our group as we explore the mystery of our own creative spirits, and bring those musical ideas to you. See you at Sabrosa, Thursday, March 22 @ 8 PM.


Dr Dreamwalker

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