Dreamwalkers Post-Gig Rehearsal

Sunday afternoon, Dreamwalkers Band met for our post-gig practice. We were flowing with ideas and responses to our performance. . . what worked, what didn't, and what changes we wanted to make. My experience has been at this point in our band's development, we learn more from one gig than many practices. We spent time Sunday on vocals, adding harmonies from Pamela Clements, who did a great job right out of the box. I love harmonies and am happy to have someone to sing with. Tony Sheppard and Jeff Hocker worked on Jeff's song, Dolphin, and we looked at possibilities for expansion of the setlist with original tunes and covers we love to play. Jeff Dillon couldn't be with us today, so we used our old digital drummer Jerome. Perfect timing, but lifeless, don't think Jeff has to worry about a robot taking over his seat. We are looking forward to our performance on January 18 at Sabrosa and hoping that our Dreamwalkers "family" will come out to enjoy the music, the venue, and support the band. 


Dr Dreamwalker

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