Dreamwalkers: Performance Rehearsals

Dreamwalkers got together Sunday to re-start rehearsals which have taken a bit of a back seat due to a number of reasons, including album production. We are back in the pocket getting reconnected to live performance values and had a lot of "hard fun" in doing so. Hard fun is my idea that one must work intensively at what one loves in order to create excellence, but without the passion and commitment, hard "work" just won't suffice. We added a few songs to the set list and I think everyone left the session feeling happy. We will be playing out for sure as soon as the album is in our hands.


Dr Dreamwalker

Songs: It Don't Come Easy, Crazy Movie, Diamond Filled Bouquet, Machiavelli's Daughter, Only Love Is Real, You May Be The One, Wandering In Neutral, Walkin' Down The Road, 12 Years Later, Time To Let Your Sun Shine, Harvest, Right Down The Line

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