Dreamwalkers: New Harmonies

Dreamwalkers held our Sunday rehearsal in anticipation of our performance Thursday, January 18, from 8-11 at Sabrosa. We worked hard and had fun. Hey, we are playing music, it's always fun. Pamela Clements sang with us and will be helping with vocals and harmonies. We are happy she found her way to us. Pam is certainly a quick study and an asset to the band. We are feeling comfortable with the new songs from Jeff Hocker and Tony Sheppard and look forward to playing them Thursday evening. Jeff Dillon had strong energy on drums, and insightful suggestions about how to arrange the songs. As always, my musical companion, Jeff Hocker is there to steady the ship, and make sure I stay on the planet while we are playing. I do tend to get very absorbed in the tunes. All of my bandmates are supportive, creative, and talented. I invite the Dreamwalkers Family to come out on Thursday evening to hear the music, have some food and drink, say hello, and enjoy the evening. See you there, my friends. 


Dr Dreamwalker

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