Dreamwalkers Invited to Play, Album Recording in Process

This is a transformational time for Dreamwalkers Band. We have been invited to play at several community events and are continuing the recording of our album.

Part of the mission of the band is to support community outreach and benefit causes. We have been invited to play at Porchfest, a celebration of community music taking place in the Arlington Park neighbor hood on October 7.. We played at Porchfest last year and had a blast. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on October 20th at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota has invited us to play at their event. We have also been asked to play at the Chalk Festival in Venice, Florida. This event takes place from November 9-12. I will post details as they emerge.

Today is a big day for our recording process. we will be in studio working to create the foundational rhythm tracks for a number of songs included in the album. I have created scratch or ghost tracks for them to work from. As I have mentioned in the past, creating in a studio environment is a very different experience from being on the stage. So far, I am very pleased with the learning curve. Some things sounded great right off the bat, others, upon review, needed work. There will be some surprise guests on the album and Dreamwalkers Band is excited to include some of our very talented friends in the process.

One last thing. . . does anyone call it an "Album" anymore? I guess people buy music like I used to buy 45s (ancient history, little record with a big hole in the middle), aka singles. Now it's mp3s or just listen on Youtube or a music service. For me, it will always be an album.

Take care my Dreamwalkers, its a Solar Eclipse day. . . Transformation.


Dr Dreamwalker


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