Dreamwalkers: Back in the Studio. . . Daniel Polyak and Spiritual Drumming

Tuesday evening, Dreamwalkers Band was back in Nice Pear Studio working on drum tracks for our album. The session was absolutely wonderful. The interaction between drummer Daniel Polyak and sound engineer Patrick Russini was filled with sparks of inspiration. As they are both drummers, they communicate both intuitively and directly. Daniel's drumming is so emotionally powerful and because I can just focus on him, I can feel it more. I used to think Daniel was an emotional drummer, using feelings to guide him. Experiencing him in the studio opened my eyes that his drumming is more of a spiritual event. It is as if he is guided from another world and knows how to channel that energy. He is certainly the right drummer for me.

We worked on Debbie Stern's song "Don't Give Me A Second Thought (Let Me Be Your First). This song has a Beatlish quality to it, and I felt like Daniel was giving it the Ringo Starr treatment. Some people downgrade Ringo as a drummer, not me. I think Ringo was a genius and Daniel was definitely up to the task. With each pass of the song, we could feel him gaining momentum. 

My song, "The Outsider" is one of my personal favorites, and when Daniel asked me what I wanted, I didn't have a clue. The song is sort of Johnny Cash meets the X-Files. Debbie could hear an American Indian rhythm to the drums and Daniel got better and better with each pass. The fifth time he played beyond my wildest imagination as to how good this song could sound. He GOT it! I was incredibly happy and inspired. 

It's slow going through the drum tracks because none of us have quit our day jobs. Still, the performance and sound are stellar and I know we are going to be proud of this album.


Dr Dreamwalker

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