Dreamwalkers Album: "A GPS for Pilgrims"

Dreamwalkers    Album Review 

You can not separate the Dreamer from the Dream for one can not exist without the other. 

Dreamwalkers takes the Dream out of Unconsciousness and brings it to our awareness.  Here we may examine ourselves with the illumination offered by the Light.  Dreamwalkers CD offers us the opportunity to see ourselves in a deeper and quite revealing manner.  One thing that sets this album apart from so many others is that the musicians are not teenagers filled with anger and alienation but from advanced souls who have listened, experienced and know. 

Dreamwalkers was formed by Richard Schulman and Jeff Hocker in 2014.  Tony Sheppard, Culynn Murdock, Debbie Stern and Pat Russini joined and the Album was released in late March.  A finely executed and well crafted collaboration of music, heart and soul that all the band contributed to were necessary to make this Gestalt.  Although one might think it was released 50 years ago with the sounds of rock, blues, jazz  and folk artfully  blended  it is hot off the press.  Vintage instruments, state of the art technology and a touch of the Divine bring to us a new Dream to experience. 

The first cut “Crazy Movie” lets us know that, “Dream is a letter sent from the soul, Fragments of eternity falling from the sky”.  As we listen we hear these Musical Pilgrims reveal their own journeys and the knowledge gleaned therein that we might benefit from it and avoid those same traps in our pilgrimages. 

This is more than music although the music is quite sufficient in itself. We have an amalgam of music, philosophy and Spiritual Evolution.    Dreamwalkers is a bit of a GPS for Pilgrims where there is no other map and intuition and consciousness are our Guides.  Songs of joy, loss, pain and “The Redemption” are offered.  “Twelve Years Later”  touched me deeply and offers wonderful inspiration. 

Close your eyes, open your ears and listen with your Heart to all of the notes as well as the spaces between the notes and more will be revealed.  Listen carefully and know, “Only Love is Real”.  Outstanding Dreamwalkers.  Dream on! Rock on! 

D.G. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania


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