From the recording Music Is The Ride

My rock and roll psychospiritual anthem. Inspired by the Indian mystic Sri Aurobindo, the idea is your voice is projected into the world and comes back to you in sometimes subtle sometimes dramatic ways. If you are doing it well, the voice comes back in connection and love. Tony Sheppard's guitar transforms the track into a rock and roll masterpiece. That boy can really play!


Suggestion By Echo 


Words and Music

by Richard Schulman 


Suggestion by echo 

Time to let go 

Out of the ghetto 

One-way thinking 


Suggestion by word 

Now do you feel heard 

Sometimes absurd 

The way we relate 


Revelation, inspiration, intuition 


Suggestion by vision 

Not by division 

Lift up your hearts 

Dance together 


Suggestion by rock and roll 

It’s here to heal your soul 

Open your best self 

Sing with me 


Demons are powers of

Fear and limitation 


Demand a change

Before it’s too late 

Embrace the space

Where you are great 


Suggestion by brother 

You’ve found another 

Kindred soul 

To walk the path 


Suggestion by spirit 

Now you can live it 

Joy in your heart 

Love, love, love 

Love, love, love 

Love, love, love 

Love, love, love