From the recording Dreamwalkers

Walkin’ Down The Road words and music by Richard Schulman

Jeff Hocker: Bass Guitar, Percussion

Tony Sheppard: Lead Guitar

Debbie Stern: Harmony Vocals, Keyboards

Richard Schulman: Vocals, Guitars

Engineering: Al Torchia, Speakeasy Studio, Richard Schulman, Dreamwalker Studio

Mixing and Mastering: Richard Schulman, Jeff Hocker, Patrick Russini


Walkin' Down The Road

Walkin', walkin', walkin' down the road

Walkin' down the road

Not so bad to be alone

I hear songs singing in the wind

At peace with the unknown

I see you comin’ towards me

Are you on the road today?

Maybe we’ll meet maybe we’ll talk

If not then it’s okay

Walkin', walkin', walkin' down the road

I see patterns in the leaves on the trees

I love to watch the sea

Every time I open my eyes

It all looks new to me

I see you in the distance

You look so aloof

Do we need to be alone?

Searching out the truth

Walkin', walkin', walkin' down the road


What’s the nature of the mind?

My teacher asked of me.

The answer is simple but harder to find

Than I considered previously

Living here on this planet

Is so confusing to my soul

Maybe we’ll meet, maybe we’ll talk

Walkin’ down the road