1. 12 Years Later

From the recording Dreamwalkers

12 Years Later words and music by Richard Schulman

Jeff Hocker: Bass Guitar

Tony Sheppard: Lead Guitar

Debbie Stern: Harmony Vocals, Keyboards

Patrick Russini: Drums

Richard Schulman: Vocals, Guitars

Engineering: Al Torchia, Speakeasy Studio, Richard Schulman, Dreamwalker Studio

Mixing and Mastering: Richard Schulman, Jeff Hocker, Patrick Russini


12 Years Later

I see him at the top of the stairs

Or is it the 92nd floor?

He looked pretty good for a dead man

Enveloped in a golden glow

He smiled and said there’s a favor you could do for me

Tell her I’m fine please move on

Tell her I am free

Chorus 1

Let go of the sadness

No more killing for my sake

Time to end the madness

Before a last mistake

12 years later we still see the towers coming down

Time won’t move, we don’t seem wiser

Faces in frozen frowns

Still grieving, still seething

Planet wracked in pain

So much death, so much killing, I tell you it’s insane

Chorus 2

Let go of the sadness

We do not wish for blame

Time to end the madness

No more killing in our names

Tell them all we are fine

But we can’t stand the rage

We feel all the pain

Hate all the wars

Time to turn the page

If we’ve learned anything

It’s love that keeps us strong

Tell her I love her

Tell her I’m with her

Tell her it’s time to move on

Tell them we love them

Tell them we’re with them

Tell them it‘s time to move on