1. Crazy Movie

From the recording Dreamwalkers

Crazy Movie words and music by Richard Schulman

Jeff Hocker: Bass Guitar, Percussion

Tony Sheppard: Lead Guitar

Debbie Stern: Harmony Vocals

David Dolnick: Drums

Richard Schulman: Vocals, Guitars

Engineering: Al Torchia, Speakeasy Studio, Richard Schulman, Dreamwalker Studio

Mixing and Mastering: Richard Schulman, Jeff Hocker, Patrick Russini


Crazy Movie

Roll camera two cut the scene soon

It's a crazy movie

When we arrived how we survived

Time for inventory

Plot twists time flips

Life is a crazy movie

Who would believe? Who could conceive?

We direct the story

Chorus 1

Who’d ever know

Fade out fade in

People come and go

You lose you win

Why should I dare?

Who ever cares?

Do I edit the part

When she broke his heart

Spinning around

Playing the clown

Jealousy burns

Love returns


Spot of romance then a crash

Things don’t make sense

On a crusade he was betrayed

Creating a mess

Need a sex scene nothing obscene

Ya got to sell tickets

Smiles conceal making a deal

Offends the spirit

Chorus 2

What did you hear?

Through tears and fears

Love comes and goes

How? No one knows

If you get into trouble

Hire a stunt double

Should I edit the scene?

When life became mean?

UFO lands on desert sands

He always was a dreamer

Comic relief is such a treat

Laughter is the strongest healer

Lifeline fading not worth saving

He became a leader

We’re led astray perhaps a replay

Life is a crazy movie