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  1. Standing Nowhere


Standing Nowhere

by Richard Schulman

They tell you who you’re supposed to be
Who everyone else is and what to see
And everything to which you must agree
Prisoner’s version of being free
To know what’s right, live with fixed rules

When no one tells you what to do
Nothing else to hold on to
Emptiness that you go through
Just in time to jolt you
Out of your thinking mind

Awakening is a struggle
Turn to your heart
Trust your intuition
Live from the inside out

You have an old worldview
Whatever you believe to be true
The discipline of standing nowhere
Gets you ready for something new
To hear what you never heard before

We really are just one race
All tied to the same fate
The enemy has a human face
Endowed with a spark of grace
Can you accept what’s going on?

All is not as it first seems
When you wake up from this dream
You’ll be surprised
What is right before your eyes

Confusion and chaos
Are parts of a plan
Don’t use reason to understand
You’re not a robot you are a man

Set aside unearned loyalty
A shift from the way you used to be
You’re a Master not a devotee
When the conflict becomes real
Stop thinking and start to feel

Awareness is a puzzle
It’s your internal martial art
Trust in your own rhythm
Dance from the inside out

No one to tell you what to do
Nothing else to hold on to
The discipline of standing nowhere
Is there to prepare you
To embrace something new