No Footprints In the Snow written by Richard Schulman

Recorded Live June 11, 2017

Jeff Dillon: Drums
Jeff Hocker: Bass Guitar
Tony Sheppard: Lead Guitar
Lynn Hocker: Backing Vocals
Dr Dreamwalker (Richard Schulman): Vocals, Rhythm Guitar


No Footprints In The Snow

The snow fell down
Upon a place that used to be a town
The perfect gardens were all gone
Homes shattered into toothpicks strewn before the dawn

When I got there I couldn’t find
Any trace of living humankind
No footprints in the snow
Where did all the people go?

A fishing boat sits upside down
Upon a temple it crushed into the ground
Cars were thrown around like toys
Without the wind there’d be no other noise

The people loved this place
They’d never leave this piece of heaven’s grace
Where did they go?
No footprints in the snow

Imagine the disbelief
The shaking ground, the wall of water then release
Maybe they still don’t know
No footprints in the snow

As I gazed upon the scene
It wasn’t just for them
But also you and me
Hug your children kiss your wife
Be grateful for every wonder
Every moment of your life

Don’t say good-bye
Say I love you as if it were the last time
You never know
No footprints in the snow