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  1. Hot Aries Demo

Written by Dr Dreamwalker (Richard Schulman) and Linda Ann Remley
Drums: Jeff Dillon
Bass Guitar: Jeff Hocker
Lead Guitar: Tony Sheppard
Vocals and Keyboards: Lynn Hocker
Backing Vocals, Nylon String Guitar, Rhythm Guitar: Dr Dreamwalker (Richard Schulman)


Hot Aries Waits

Hot Aries waits for me
Beckoning like boiling tides
Swelling life force overflowing
Tasking soul to heaven’s ride


Lift me up
Fly my darling
Far away from it all
I fly so high my sweet one
Come back to me
I hear your call

Safe in your arms hold tightly
One soul from two
Align chakras make love nightly
Body molding into you


Shaking from the tender thunder
Can’t stop the sacred beat
Revealing what was hidden under
Finishing in love’s searing heat