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  1. Child's Play Demo

Child's Play written by Dr Dreamwalker (Richard Schulman)
Drums: Jeff Dillon
Bass Guitar: Jeff Hocker
Lead Guitar: Tony Sheppard
Vocals and Keyboards: Lynn Hocker
Vocals and Rhythm Guitar: Dr Dreamwalker (Richard Schulman)


Child’s Play

You have the gift
The way that children play
Be the seismic shift
Of your everyday

Start feeling free
All at once not by degree
Breathing rock and roll
Sweetly swaying soul


Home is in your arms
Let go of scars
Laugh and smile, Child’s play
When you hold my hand
I feel safe and loved
The sun shines again, Child’s play


Kids know how it’s done
Don’t lose yourself tryin’ to become someone
Take a chance come with me
You have the power you can be really free

You’ve got the knack
The dance, the stance
That’s takes me back
To sweeter days

You know what to say
And how to say it
To open me up
All the way

I’m smiling on the inside now
I’ll take a vow
To love again, Child’s Play
I’m flying on the outside
The world is mine
To create, Child’s Play

I have the gift
I’m feelin’ free
I got the knack
I know what to say

Child’s play
It’s child’s play
Child’s play
It’s child’s play