Written by Dr. Dreamwalker
(Richard Schulman)
Drums: Jeff Dillon
Bass Guitar: Jeff Hocker
Lead Guitar: Tony Sheppard
Vocals and Rhythm Guitar: Dr. Dreamwalker (Richard Schulman)


The Redemption

How about some cosmic humor
A strange and karmic joke
Started as a rumor
Of a great galactic hoax

This cannot be happening
I walked between the worlds
There wasn’t any crying
My mind lost in a swirl


If I was taken by a flying saucer
Be easier to explain
Been on a roller coaster
Ups and downs of my own game
New age magician
Don’t look up my sleeve
Now I’ve got permission
To change what I believe

Here comes another chapter
There goes a second scene
For every aging actor
Whose plot has been knocked clean

But I don’t trust a man
Who hasn’t hit the wall
There is no redemption
Without a tragic flaw


A naïve native healer
Many souls to save
Stuck here in a jail cell
Treated like a slave
Betrayed and bewildered
Laughter came to me
Maybe just one moment
When it made sense to be


Repeat Chorus #1

So now this gig is ending
I may get some sleep
What would truly help my mending
Are your blue eyes so deep

Maybe drive out to the country
Hear the sounds of my guitar
Feel the gentle bliss of silence
Friends who are not afar.


This gig has really ended
I got myself some sleep
What truly helped my mending
Is this music so sleek

Took a ride across the country
Bought a new guitar
Friends are right beside me
Searching for a star