Patrick Russini Joins Dreamwalkers Band

Dreamwalkers welcome drummer, Patrick Russini to the band. Pat will participate in his first full band rehearsal on Sunday, November 4. We are happy to have his steady beat, his sparkling energy, and strong presence in our band. 

Dreamwalkers Album Update

Dreamwalkers Album update. . . All acoustic guitar tracks for the album have been laid down and sound great. Jeff Hocker will be recording his bass lines very soon. Dr Dreamwalker will begin putting vocal tracks on the project next Wednesday. The following Sunday, Culynn Murdock is scheduled to record vocal tracks on her songs. We will be scheduling Tony Sheppard to put in his lead tracks over the next few days. Exciting times.

Jeff Dillon left the recording session and the band, so we will be enrolling a drummer to sit in for recording and to perform in our live gigs.

Previous events


 —  —

Myakka Moonlighters, 37155 SR 70, Myakka City

Dreamwalkers Band is about dreaming out loud, having fun manifesting our musical dreams into song. We love playing our original material and covering artists who make up the soundtrack of our lives. Our songs range from country-pop-jazz to apocalyptic rock anthems. The covers are unique and wonderful. Somehow it all fits together in an atmosphere of loving vibrations. The venue is outdoors, kid and family friendly. Bring a cooler and a lawn chair and hang out under the stars as we dream a common musical dream together.


 —  —

Eagle’s Club, 2926 Wilkinson Rd, Sarasota

We love live music. The immediacy of the vibrations fills us with joy. We’ve been waiting a long time for regular live music and Dreamwalkers band is ready to play. We are excited about sharing our music with you.

Dreamwalkers: Celebration of Live Music

 —  —

The Cabanas, 6250 Midnight Pass Rd, Sarasota (Siesta Key)

Dreamwalkers are ready to play out for our family and friends as a celebration of live music. We have missed live music over the past 12 months and we want to play. Kid friendly but no dogs. Bring cooler and lawn chairs. Parking Code is 0411

Chili Cook-off Fundraiser

Sun N Fun RV Resort, 7125 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota

Dreamwalkers Band will be performing at a chili cook-off benefit for Stroke Patient Bernard Gaines. You can get tickets for the chili cook off at the door or you can enter the cook off by calling Cindy at 941-807-7806


Sabrosa, 711 S. Osprey Ave, Sarasota

Dreamwalkers return to Sabrosa, a very cool venue with great food and drink. We are bringing our Celestial Singers, rockin percussion section, lead guitar of Tony Sheppard and some new material from several different styles. You won't be bored. We want our Dreamwalkers Family to come out and support the band.

Return to Sabrosa, New Original Material

Dreamwalkers will be returning to Sabrosa on Thursday, March 22. We are arranging new original material from Culynn Murdock, Pam Clements, and Dr Dreamwalker, as well as some cover tunes with our own spin on them. We will be presenting a diverse show, with lots of vocal harmonies, a strong rhythm section, Tony Sheppard's lead guitar, and strong original songs. 

Two Fridays at Sabrosa

Two Fridays at Sabrosa. . . Dreamwalkers played twice on Fridays in February, and we are growing and progressing. We added Celestial Singers, Pam Clements and Culynn Murdoch, and the harmonies are heavenly. The band has tightened considerably, the arrangements are coming together, in many ways, the band is jelling. There is a simpatico among us that only experience can foster. Next we go back to rehearsal to expand our setlist, and give Pam and Culynn some featured songs. What a great time to be a Dreamwalker.

Dreamwalkers Play Sabrosa

Dreamwalkers Band played Thursday night at Sabrosa. It was a great experience for our group. A highlight for me were hearing original songs from Jeff Hocker, "Dolphin" and Tony Sheppard, Road Song. It was great to hear this new material played live. Jeff Dillon's drumming on 'Two Insomnias" was stellar. I loved singing my original songs, especially The Redemption, No Footprints in the Snow, and Machiavelli's Daughter. We had wonderful contributions from keyboard wizard Ethan James Alexander and harmonies from Pamela Clements. Playing and singing Tom Petty's Last Dance With Mary Jane was such a hoot. I love hearing Tony Sheppard's guitar solos. All in all, a sweet evening. Thanks to Shannon Lugannani for providing such a great place to play and I thank all my friends who came out to support the band. 


Dr Dreamwalker