The 60s Vibe

Dreamwalkers are adding legendary guitars, the Rickenbacker 330-12, enhanced by a Janglebox compression pedal, a Fender 12 string electric and a Gretsch Tennessee Rose to our band's herd of instruments. The Rickenbacker 12 string electric guitar was considered The Beatles "secret weapon," popularized by George Harrison, who received the second one ever built. Roger McGuinn of The Byrds brought the chimey, jangly treasure to a wide audience on songs like Turn, Turn, Turn and Mr. Tambourine Man. Pete Townshend of The Who used a Rickenbacker live in the early days of the band and on several of their early albums. Tom Petty used Rickenbackers extensively in his live performances and studio work. You can see Rickenbacker guitars playing in many British Invasion bands like The Zombies, Herman's Hermits, and The Searchers. The Janglebox pedal was designed to replicate the Byrds sound, and it does it's job faithfully. The Rickenbacker 12 sound put it's distinctive stamp all over 60s music and continues on to this day. The Fender 12 electric came out of Japan in the 70s and is a bit of a rarity. It has a sound reflective of early 60s surf music and I love it as well. The Fender is easier to play, as the Ric's neck is very small. Finally, there is a Gretsch Tennessee Rose. George Harrison played a Gretsch Tennessean on the Ed Sullivan show all those years ago and I thought it looked so cool. The Tennessee Rose is a modern version of that guitar and captures to original Gretsch "growl." All are sounds of the 60s and have the vibe  I personally love the sound and am happy to be playing these wonderful guitars. We are looking forward to bringing the sound and vibe to some of our original songs as well as beloved cover songs. Check out the video section for a demo of the Rickenbacker.


Dr Dreamwalker

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