Putting The Dreamwalkers Album Together

Good evening, Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

We spent the afternoon recording, finishing some songs, and getting close with others. I did the engineering and relied upon the musical acumen of Jeff Hocker to help guide the sound. Today's session featured lead guitar tracks by Tony Sheppard, and vocals from Culynn Murdock. Tony is a brilliant (and patient) musician. We went through many takes for the leads on Only Love Is Real looking for the right vibe. Culynn sang the lead for her original song, Wandering In Neutral, and it's a winner. I love her voice. She will be working on harmonies over the next few days. Tony finished the lead guitar for Wandering in Neutral as well. Amazing outside people have been showing up to help. We have started working with a violin player, and several percussionists. Debbie Stern, who has done a great job with harmonies, will be adding some keyboards over the next few weeks. What once seemed daunting, now looks like something doable, that is, having all the tracks recorded by the end of the year so we can begin mixing and mastering. I'm excited, and the tracks sound really sweet. 


Dr Dreamwalker


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