Practice, Practice, Practice

Dreamwalkers Band is back in rehearsal zone. We are looking to expand our setlist and feature our Celestial Singers, Pam Clements and Culynn Murdoch. Songs go through a process by which we play them in rehearsal, pick ones resonating with us, arrange them, work out the kinks, have a vocal rehearsal, and eventually play in front of an audience. Sometimes, we play a song that sounded pretty good in rehearsal, but was a dud in performance. See ya. Other times, unexpected events happen while playing out that bring something new to the band. During our last gig at Sabrosa, Jeff Hocker had some trouble with one of his cables and was getting no sound out of the bass. Rather than leave dead air, and running out of things to say, I looked over at Tony Sheppard and started to play Secret Agent Man. The rest of the band picked up on it, although we had never played it together before and when Jeff solved the problem we were all playing the song and smiling to each other. Secret Agent Man will likely be in our new set list because it was so much fun to play and people seemed to enjoy it. New original material will be checked out. Tony and my song "You May Be The One," Jeff''s "Flow" and my "So Many Stars" will be worked on as well as some other cover songs we love. We are striving to have enough songs in our repertoire so we can go with the energy of the room rather than a pre-programmed list of songs.So how do we do this? Practice, Practice, Practice.


Dr Dreamwalker

Jeff will make sure we do it

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