Porchfest Preview 

Dreamwalkers rehearsal for Porchfest went smoothly, as we are refining new arrangements for many of the songs. For now, we are moving forward as a foursome, with me, Dr Dreamwalker, doing most of the singing. We created a few spaces for lead guitar wizard, Tony Sheppard, to stretch out. When he goes for it, the notes fly of the keyboard. Guitar is blazing. A few covers have been added to the set, each with a chance for our Tone Star (Tony) to go to town with some guitar magic. The rhythm section of Jeff Dillon on drums and The Wave, Jeff Hocker, on bass guitar, seems to get tighter and more relaxed at the same moment. Sounds like a martial arts approach. I have found the more clearly I hear my voice through the monitor, the easier it is for me to concentrate and yet be relaxed into the songs. Do you sense a pattern here? We had great fun in the rehearsal, and threw a few clams, which is always a good sign, portending a great show. The idea of Porchfest, a celebration of our community in music is such a wonderful concept, and we are honored to be one of the bands chosen to play. We will be at 2267 Hillview Street from 4-5 PM, Sunday. October 8. Come out and join together with the band.


Dr Dreamwalker

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