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As some of you know, I recently wrote a book, The Labyrinth of Healing. I appreciate those of you who bought it and hopefully read it. The book was a labor of love, documenting my ideas about psychotherapy and healing. I sent the book to teachers, colleagues, and friends. Since my most powerful creative inspiration in life was Pete Townshend, I sent one to him, and thanked him for his role in inspiring me. Of all those I sent the book to, the first one to reach back was Pete. I am blown away. Here's his e-mail to me: 

Dear Richard, 

I hope I already thanked you for The Labyrinth of Healing book and its dedication to me. I have been dipping into it and enjoying a lot of the stories, and I am deeply struck by many of your ideas and conclusions. 

I hope one day that we might meet. If I ever come your way, performing or whatever, please do reach out. I will try to do the same if Florida is on any schedule. 

My very best regards to you, 

Pete Townshend

I was so taken by the idea that Pete responded that it took me the rest of the day to understand he read the book and was "deeply struck" by it. Pete Townshend read MY book. I'd say things are coming together


Dr Dreamwalker

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