New Sounds, New Musical Dreams

Dreamwalkers Band rehearsed Sunday evening. We continued working on new material from Jeff Hocker and Tony Sheppard initialed last week. I am thrilled at the progress we are making with these new tunes. Jeff's "Dolphin" is a jazzy delight, while Tony's "Road Song" brings up echoes of surf music of the early 60s. I managed to keep up with everyone on keyboards during Dolphin, and used a Fender 12 string guitar to help the sound of Road Song. These are not just new songs for us, but new sounds, stretching the boundaries of our group, allowing us to move into new musical places. We also continued to experiment with key changes to make the songs friendlier to my voice (and to your ears). I appreciated the input of our drummer, Jeff Dillon, and bass player, Jeff Hocker, who encouraged me to look at the songs differently and sing higher. I think it's working. We will be out of pocket for several weeks due to various band members being out of town, but we are looking forward to gigging with the new material and chasing new musical dreams. 


Dr Dreamwalker

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