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Dreamwalkers Band rehearsed Sunday afternoon with the goal of introducing and arranging new material. While we are primarily an original band, we like to play and sing covers that we love as well. Today we devoted the rehearsal to some additional material and just having fun with songs we love. Three "new" original songs and one "new" cover were worked on. The reasons I put the word new in quotes is that the songs are only new to the band. Two of the songs, Magnetic North and Beyond The Gulf were written by me some time ago, and Time To Let Your Sun Shine was the first collaboration between Tony Sheppard and myself. The songs are very cool and we are beginning to get the vibe needed to bring them out into the world. It's almost like having children. The songs have a gestation period, are born, have an infancy, toddlerhood, child time, adolescence, then eventually become adults, able to function. I love the developmental way of looking at the process of a song's evolution. Such great fun. I honor my bandmates, Jeff Hocker, Tony Sheppard, Culynn Murdock, and Patrick Russini for supporting my songs. It looks like the album recording will get going again this week so watch out for it. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Songs: Magnetic North, Time To Let Your Sun Shine, Beyond The Gulf, It Don't Come Easy, You May Be The One, Right Down The Line, Crazy Movie

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