Music Videos: 12 Years Later and A Dreamer's Story

Two music videos were added to our Video section. 12 Years Later was written as a tribute to all who were murdered at the World Trade Center, and dedicated to my cousin, Lonny Stone, who died there on September 11, 2001. 

Here is what I wrote at the time. . . My cousin, Lonny Stone, died at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. I wrote this song in 2013, twelve years after the tragedy. 12 Years Later is the story of how, after death, Lonny's spirit came to me to ask that I tell his mother, my Aunt Evelyn, to let go of her grief, that he was fine. He looked beautiful. After that happened, I wondered how the others who died on that terrible day would feel about the fact that a war began and many thousands died. My answer was they would have wanted us as a nation, to grieve and move on. Video by Daniel Lee Schulman. Words and Music by Richard Schulman.

A Dreamer's Story was more of a home grown affair. I used iMovie and the Ken Burns technique to have a little fun with the song. All dreams depicted in the song were real (and mine). Jeff Hocker played Bass Guitar and Wolfgang Koehler played Lead Guitar. The computer supplied the drums. I played everything else and sang. I had a lot of fun putting the video together and the experience gave me a great appreciation of how difficult it is to do this well.


Dr Dreamwalker

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