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We have returned from our mini-vacation, maxi-music adventure, and I am inspired. A couple of thoughts. . . we saw five shows in six days (with one Dreamwalkers rehearsal thrown in on the off day), and they were all terrific. The Mersey Beatles (got to meet John Lennon's sister, Julia Baird), Dave Mason and Steve Cropper (Booker T and the MG's) with The Lords of 52nd St (Billy Joel's old band with a Billy clone singing and playing piano, eerily good), Fleetwood Mac, The Zombies, and Tommy Emmanuel. Five different venues in four cities.

Three of the shows spoke about Tom Petty or did tributes to him over one year since his passing. The respect and love for this man run through our lives. I cried again, when Fleetwood Mac did their version of "Free Falling." Just seeing Mike Campbell on the stage without Tom made me tear up. I'm not alone in being unable to wrap my head around his passing.

Each show was wonderful and very different. Seeing such great musicians and being able to interact with a few of them was so healing and inspiring. I thought I'd be exhausted from so many concerts, but no, I was energized. We actually had tickets to see Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues, but he had to cancel due to illness. I was ready for more, and still am. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I sat with Pat Russini, our drummer and technical consultant on the mixing/mastering process. Pat noticed there were some issues with the drums, and he went back and miked his kit and hit the ball out of the park. We have new, fresh drum tracks for four of the songs and they sound great (well Pat recorded them, I'm not surprised). This means we are a little behind in our process, but more than worth the wait. 

I'm doing my homework regarding CD processing and web presence for our work. Daniel Schulman of Schulman Media is working on the back cover and liner notes for the album. Big changes coming for Dreamwalkers. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Tommy Emmanuel and Dr Dreamwalker/

The Zombies

Tommy Emmanuel and Dr DreamwalkerRod Argent, Zombies

Stevie Nicks and Mike Campbell, Fleetwood MacSteve Cropper and Dave Mason

The Mersey BeatlesWith John Lennon's sister, Julia Baird

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