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Dreamwalkers Band had a vocal rehearsal Tuesday night and it was a blast. Debbie Stern, Dave Ross and I met to select and practice harmonies for our first group of songs. If you've never done something like this, it's an amazing experience. When it works, three part harmony feels like hitting a baseball right on the sweet spot of the bat. When it doesn't? Well, not quite as good. Debbie is a genius at making the map, Dave is very brave, diving in at the deep end and having a great attitude and good humor about the process. I'm getting better and better at singing harmony and just singing in general. It sure helps to have such supportive people around me and a great teacher. 

We worked on the cover songs, Love Is a Rose, Get Together, End of the Line, and the Word, Debbie's songs Dancing With the Man In The Moon and Don't Give Me A Second Thought, and my Everything Is Changing. We were really blending well at the end. Next, bring the whole band in and see if our hard work pans out. Can't wait. A few more weeks and we will be ready to play out.


Dr Dreamwalker

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