Heading Home: Let’s Finish The Album

Well I’m heading back to Florida this evening from the frigid northeast, and looking forward to completing our album. It’s been a very restful few days including long naps in the afternoon, but being up at night, I’ve had a chance to take in a few video lessons regarding mixing and mastering. While I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, there are a few relatively simple things I’ve learned that I believe will make a difference in our final product. I’ll begin working on them tomorrow and will take some time on the plane to organize my thoughts to manifest them. I suspect many of the techniques are less detectable from an auditory point of view but more important from an overview of the emotional experience of the song. It has occurred to me that the summation of many small things may result in a significant improvement in the end. See you back in Florida. 


Dr Dreamwalker 

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