Dreamwalking Forward

Dreamwalkers had a very productive rehearsal Sunday afternoon. We are working on both new original songs and interesting cover material reflecting our foundation in many different musical genres. Our Celestial Singers were actively making their mark on our band's setlist and performance. Pam Clements took the lead on the Steely Dan song, "Rikki Don't Lose That Number," and for a first time out, the song sounded great. She also organized an arrangement of my original song, "So Many Stars," which was very sweet. Culynn Murdoch took the lead vocal on "You May Be The One," written by me in collaboration with Tony Sheppard. She did a great job and honored our song beautifully. To have a little 60s fun, the band played one of my faves "Secret Agent Man."  We ended the rehearsal by going through Jeff Hocker's song "Flow," which combines a jazzy hook with a funky jam. This song is lots of fun to play as Tony Sheppard let loose his inner Hendrix and really blasted notes to the heavens. As always, Drummer Jeff Dillon was terrific, keeping us on track, and making many astute suggestions to help manifest the final product. After some experimentation, I'm relatively sure I'll be playing a Fender Stratocaster for our live shows. Playing it today reminded me of why so many great players use that particular instrument. It's light and versatile and sounds great. All in all,  I was thrilled to be part of our creative process. The hours seemed like minutes. I am incredibly proud of my bandmates and grateful for the energies each is putting into our band. We are improving in leaps and bounds. 


Dr Dreamwalker

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