Dreamwalkers Work The Details

Hello my Dreamwalkers family and friends. The band is working hard to prepare for our April 19 gig at Sabrosa. Most of the songs are in good shape, which gives us the ability to fine tune the details. We worked on Rikki Don't Lose That Number, the Steely Dan favorite. Pam Clements is doing great with that one. The band engaged several of my original songs, Time To Fly, Machiavelli's Daughter, and Suggestion By Echo. I love Suggestion By Echo. I finally wrote a Rock and Roll Psychospiritual Anthem. Tony Sheppard had a wailing rock and roll guitar on that one. Another cover song, Something In the Air is sounding great as well. We had the chance to work on two Jeff Hocker tunes, Dolphin and Flow. Great stuff. Jeff and JD made some great suggestions to arrange the songs. We always play Crazy Movie, cause after all, our lives are a Crazy Movie. See you on April 19.


Dr Dreamwalker

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