Dreamwalkers Weekend: Album and Prep for Porchfest

Hello Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

I spent Saturday afternoon at Speakeasy Studio with Tony Sheppard as Dreamwalkers Band continues to make progress in the recording of our album. As we go through the process, I have more and more respect for the giants who recorded the fabulous music we love. The work is intense, tiring, but very gratifying. Of course, most of them did not have day jobs interfering with the process. As Tony said, "Wouldn't it be great to have a few weeks to just do this (record)." Yep. Our current challenge is coming up with a signature sound for the band, but having variety in that sound. Tony used several different pedals, guitars, and effects to create a variety of soundscapes in today's tracks. He made his guitar sound almost like a violin for Walkin' Down The Road. Having recording engineer, Al Torchia, to bounce things off of makes coming up with new ideas easier, as he has fresh ears for our songs. We have three songs left for Tony to complete his electric guitar work and we can move to percussion, and finally the finishing touches, harmonies, and accents. We talked about bringing my Mandocaster (an electric Mandolin shaped like a Stratocaster) into the mix, and Al has a glockenspiel he wants to add to one of our songs. Songs are like children in that they come out of nowhere and have a developmental journey. Watching my songs grow up is quite an event.

Tomorrow, we have our final prep for the gig at Porchfest. It's always fun to play, but game speed is very different from practice speed, so we are using this time to sharpen up for the gig. We are going to review our setlist and get ready. A reminder, our schedule was changed. We will be at 2267 Arlington St. from 4-5 PM on Sunday, October 7. We hope everyone will come to this very fun event and support local music.The local bands are really terrific and it's free and kid friendly.


Dr Dreamwalker

Today's Songs: The Redemption, 12 Years Later, Walkin' Down The Road.

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