Dreamwalkers Voices

Hey all you Dreamwalkers out there. The band is really pulling together. Tonight we had a vocal rehearsal and he blend of voices is sweet and powerful. When  the rehearsal started, I was exhausted, but after singing and playing for almost three hours I feel exhilarated. This band is a collection of very different, but very talented souls. The bringing together of these energies is exciting to be a part of. Debbie Stern is absolutely amazing at interpreting, arranging and finding great harmonies. Cullyn Murdock brings a beautiful theatrical energy and has worked really well with expanding the already beautiful voice she has to improve our overall sound. I get to listen to these two sing together and it brings me great joy. Bart Dellarmi, our bass guitar player, sings also, and gives us incredible flexibility in harmony sounds. He also has long experience and great insight into putting arrangements together. Tony and Daniel were unavailable for this rehearsal and will be back with us next week, as we get ready to play out, and start the new album.


Dr Dreamwalker

Songs: The Other Side of Life, Handle With Care, End of the Line, Get Together, Ode To Billy Jo, I Won't Back Down, Right Down The Line, These Boots Are Made For Walkin', Hey Baby

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