Dreamwalkers: Time to Play Out

Hey all my Dreamwalkers out there,

Monday evening, we had a really wonderful rehearsal. Everything was tight and energetic. Still, practice is not the same as game time. So, drummer Daniel Polyak and I went out looking for a venue. The gig at the Cortez Bar N Grill was a nonstarter, but we did get to Stottlemeyer's to check out their open mic and it looked like a great place for us to start, so next Tuesday we will be doing a short set there. We will spotlight the strengths of our group, tight harmonies from Debbie Stern, great rhythm from Daniel and bass guitar player, Dave Ross, and the spectacular guitar of l'angelo mysteriouso, Tony Sheppard. If you'd like to join us, hang out a bit, the open mic starts at 6 and we don't really know when we will be on, but the place has great brisket and lots of other good things to eat and drink. We are definitely friendly and the sound is good. 


Dr Dreamwalker