Dreamwalkers Sound Is Unfolding and Evolving

I just returned from Dreamwalkers pre-performance rehearsal. Singers Pamela Clements and Culynn Murdock add something special to our band. We have been making new arrangements to best promote the wonderful resource of their voices. My dream (as Dr Dreamwalker I have my own dreams as well) has been to have harmonies for my songs. I'm loving the sound that is unfolding and evolving. I invite our Dreamwalkers Family to the show on Friday, February 2 from 8-11 at Sabrosa. We have some new things we've been working on to share and the sound is growing. You'll hear new material from Tony Sheppard and Jeff Hocker and the great drumming of Jeff Dillon. Come out to this cool venue, eat and drink, hear the music, catch the vibe and have some fun. Be part of our Dreamwalkers Family. Did I mention we had a blast last time? We have a blast every time. As someone once said, "A splendid time is guaranteed for all." 


Dr Dreamwalker

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