Dreamwalkers Rehearsal: Shaping "Dolphin" and "Road Song"

What a great day to be a Dreamwalker. The ranks of songwriters with songs to play in our group went from one to three today. Our rehearsal became a day of creation manifesting, as we prepared the songs of Jeff Hocker and Tony Sheppard to be ready to play out. Jeff wrote the song "Dolphin," a jazzy instrumental based on his perception of Dolphins swimming through the ocean. I learned the keyboard part and when the groove came together, it was great fun to play and sounded so good. Tony Sheppard's "Road Song," is a rock and roll instrumental that really moves and is punctuated with some great lead guitar work by Tony himself. As we played the song a few times, the song began to reveal itself and was exhilarating to play. I saw the looks of joy in my friends eyes, as their musical 'children' are now taking their places in our musical world. I know the feeling well and am so happy for the band.


Dr Dreamwalker

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