Sweet Sounds at Sabrosa

Dreamwalkers Band played at Sabrosa Thursday evening. While it was difficult to compete with the Stanley Cup playoffs, we did have some sweet souls come out to hear us play. We had a great time, and it is clear to me how far we have come. Kudos to Culynn Murdock for her wonderful song, "Wandering in Neutral." Culynn's voice is captivating as she sings her own original material, my songs, and covers we love. Bravo Culynn. Original songs by Tony Sheppard and Jeff Hocker were both fun and powerful. Tony's lead guitar work was phenomenal all evening. He is really hitting his groove with the band. Jeff Dillon, heartbeat of the band was fantastic on our original song, "Two Insomnias," as well as the rest of the night. For me, it's a joy to play with such wonderful musicians, who brilliantly honor my original songs. I'm loving this band. 


Dr Dreamwalker

Photograph by Jeff Dillon

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