Dreamwalkers Report From The Studio

Hello Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

Another long studio day revealed some real gems of songs unfolding. Today's star was Culynn Murdock. Jeff Hocker and I started the day by re-recording the backing tracks for "You May Be The One," written by myself and Tony Sheppard. Culynn's vocal performance was absolutely superb, so heartfelt I was moved to tears. I've heard the song many times before, but not like this. She took the bridge on "Machiavelli's Daughter and was fabulous. She sang my original composition, "A Dreamer's Story," and once again was terrific. However, for me, the highlight of the day was hearing Culynn singing her original song, "Wandering In Neutral." The lyrics are so cool, the tune is catchy, and her voice is magical. Being in the studio and having a chance to hear her sing without having to concentrate on my playing allowed me to truly absorb how wonderful her voice is. Tony Sheppard arrived and did electric guitar wizardry for "Crazy Movie." We are planning on giving him a day next week to lay down electric guitar tracks on all the songs. Jeff Hocker has made great strides in the completion of his original song, Dolphin. He shared his progress with us and I was blown away. I even had the chance to take out my Rickenbacker 12 string to play on "The Redemption." The album, tentatively titled "Dreaming Out Loud," is something we feel very optimistic and excited about. The tracks are evolving beautifully. 

Songlist for today:

You May Be The One

Machiavelli's Daughter

A Dreamer's Story

Wandering In Neutral

Crazy Movie

The Redemption



Dr Dreamwalker

P.S. While lugging amplifiers and guitars into the studio, I had the thought, I know I'm getting older when I need a roadie more than a groupie.

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