Dreamwalkers Recording Session with Tony Sheppard

Hey Dreamwalkers Family and Friends,

Today, Tony Sheppard and I ventured to Speakeasy Recording Studio to begin the process of laying down Tony's electric guitar tracks. Tony is like a secret weapon. He lays back and seems unassuming, but in the crucial moment, he lets loose and can play just about anything with grace, power, and heart. I felt privileged to experience this session with Tony and Recording Engineer, Al Torchia. As we moved through the songs, I had several reactions. My first and most powerful reaction was the wish for all of you to hear this man play guitar. I get to play with him up close on a regular basis, but, knowing todays work would be available for everyone to hear was heart warming. I began to remember songs still alive in the soundtrack of my youth, and pondered how they were made. I felt much awe and gratitude for the efforts of the musical geniuses who consistently delighted our ears and soothed and enlightened our hearts. We certainly stand on the shoulders of giants. Let me assure you, the energy it takes to write a great song and then manifest it is staggering. The process of the three of us putting our heads and ears together to get different variations of cool sounds was also quite invigorating. It was a time to stretch our creativity and experimentation. In the end, the tracks sounded great and I can't wait until the album is finished to share with all of you. Much thanks to Al Torchia, who has a great ear, and of course it is my privilege and joy to be in a band with Tony Sheppard.


Dr Dreamwalker

Songs for Today: Crazy Movie, You May Be The One, Machiavelli's Daughter, Only Love Is Real, Diamond Filled Bouquet

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