Dreamwalkers Recording Progressing, Drummer Added to Lineup For Album

Hi Dreamwalkers Family,

We have made excellent progress in moving forward with recording the Dreamwalkers album. I finished all of my lead singing tracks today. I guess experience helps. I had fun with the process, and the tracks were more lyrical and on point. Our recording engineer, Al Torchia, unveiled a new microphone, which sounded fantastic. This weekend, Jeff Hocker will be laying down his bass lines, and hopefully there will be time for Culynn to sing her leads. Tony Sheppard's lead guitars will likely be put in after I return from vacation. Debbie Stern connected me with drummer, Chad Kellog, who has agreed to sit in on the recording sessions. After listening to songs on our web site, Chad said, "Good stuff. I'll definitely be able to contribute in a positive and refreshing way." The raw tracks, without effects sound great. The process is akin to putting a large jig saw puzzle together when one doesn't know what the end result will be, add lots of fun, hard work and creativity and you get the idea. I am very optimistic about how the project will turn out.


Dr Dreamwalker



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